I’m Back and with some Premier League Talk

Hello everyone I apologize for my long absence from now on I’ll be writing articles about the world’s most popular sport, you’ll see a lot of reviews and previews of matches, I’ll focus more on the Premier League when it comes to national championships but obviously we’ll discuss all the major teams. I have a lot I want to talk about so let’s begin.

Today I’ll review the Man United vs Tottenham game a very interesting one at that. A few surprises came when the lineups were announced especially with Jose Mourinho’s side.

Within a fee minutes after the start of the match you could see a United team that had a 3 man back-line with Ander Herrera, Smalling and Jones, Valencia and Shaw out wide, Matic, Fred and Pogba in the midfield with the latter two advancing more to help the attacking duo of Lingard and Lukaku.

As to the visiting team Pochetino opted for 2 instead of 3 full-backs going with the Belgium duo and leaving Sanchez on the bench.

Trippier as the right back and Danny Rose back as the starter with Davies also on the bench, Dier and Dembele ahead of the defense joined by Eriksen and Dele Alli in the midfield and up ahead another attacking duo with Harry Kane and Lucas Moura the men responsible for all of the scoring in the game. That’s how both teams entered the match.

As the match progressed we saw a United team with an high posession something unussual especially against opponents of the big 6 with that the home team also limited Tottenham to very few chances in the first half the best chance for United came when Lukaku intercepted a ball intended for the goalkeeper and missed a wide open goal, overall it was a game with a lot of individual mistakes.

Early in the second half Trippier who is just magnificient with set pieces crossed a beautiful ball on a corner and Harry Kane positioned himself perfectly as he most often does and scored the opening goal after that Mourinho’s side went completely off the rails and the second goal showed that.

Shaw leaves his position, Eriksen advances behind him receiving a pass from Lucas who himself goes on to score the goal penetrating United’s defense, another mistake in that play is made by Herrera when he doesn’t follow the back-line up the pitch preventing Eriksen from being offside. After that even with the changes Sanchez and Fellaini coming in the home side just couldn’t produce, not anything

significant at least. The third goal in the end was just the perfect ending for the Spurs and it showed how Kane does a good job of dropping back almost as a midfielder letting Lucas Moura attack the space ahead of him.

A lesson for United is to do a better job after you surrender a goal especially when your team is playing relatively well and in control of the game at least to some degree and while they are not bad it’s understandable why Mourinho was constantky asking for a top flight full back, just consider that all 3 main full-backs for Tottenham would easily start for Man United and none in United would see the field with the Spurs.

Tottenham shows that they are a top level team capable of competing with anyone the same team that dominated Real Madrid beating them 3-1 in the group stage of the Champions League.

Stay tuned more is coming soon.

Also I apologize for the spelling mistakes. Writing on my cellphone once again.


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