Interesting facts about baseball in 2018

Baseball has its problems to deal with today, pace of play, international amateur signings, that whole situation is messed up, Ohtani is not an amateur, therefore he shouldn’t be inserted into such rules, maybe like a limit of games in the NPB should be established, if the guy plays X amount of games, he qualifies to be posted and receive a major league contract, i don’t know, something like that.

Another issue is the whole Florida situation, nobody cares about baseball there, the Rays are well run, good ownership, good front office, good success, given their situation in the past 2 decades, but the ballpark is awful and nobody goes there, but even if they had the top ballpark in the sport at the perfect location, the attendance would likely be dissapointing, the iddeal situation from the way i see it is a relocation to Montreal, it’s the Expos coming back, people love baseball in that town, there is no team for more than a decade, and the fanbase is still there, but there’s just so many hurdles and obstacles to go through that i’m 100% skeptical it could ever happen, the best chance we have of seeing the Expos again is through expansion, but that’s way down the road, and i’m all for the Rays, i like watching the small market team beating the mighty Sox in 08, it’s fun.

Moving on to Miami, the Marlins are a huge mess, Loria basically killed the franchise and turned a huge profit while getting a couple of rings from it, the ballpark is great, i personally don’t like it, that sculpture in centerfield its one of the stupidest things in a baseball stadium i have ever seen, and the location is far from iddeal, we don’t know yet with the new ownership group, the old one was awful, front office lucked into great players like Stanton and Yelich but had no talent surrounding them, which resulted in loussy teams, all in all nobody cares about the Marlins, attendance is a joke.

With that being said i wanted to point out something that’s great for Major League Baseball, as of today, 06/02/2017, baseball owns the top 4 cities in the US (4 teams that played in the Championship Series).

New York, after some time off, the Yankees have returned as the Evil Empire bound to rule the American League for years to come and right now are clearly the best sports team in the Big Apple.

Los Angeles, sure the Rams are exciting, youthful and playing great, but look at the attendance in the Collisseum, they still can’t sell out a game, as for the Dodgers they are the 104 win team, filled with stars, that has won its division 5 years in a row, just look at the celebrities that attended the World Series games, everything from Lady Gaga to Larry King, and that’s without counting for the LA Angels who are actually from Anaheim that will get its fair share of buzz with the Ohtani sign.

Houston, what is there to say, they are the WS champions, they are young, fun, great, and will probably be around for a long time, it’s not even close.

Chicago, it’s the Cubbies, i know they already broke the curse, which obviously takes some of the spotlight away but they are still young, still very good, very talented and draw great crowds in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, and watch out for that White Sox rebuild, Jimenez, Moncada, Rodon, Kopech, Giolito, there’s potential there.

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