Is It Time to Change the MLB All Star Game format?

IMG_3350As summer is approaching we are nearly one month away from the mid-summer classic. A great weekend of events filled with the the best baseball players in the MLB. This years events will be held down in south beach, as the Miami Marlins get to show off what there fairly new stadium has to offer. The future of the MLB will showcase its skills in the futures game on July 9th. The following day consists of the red carpet events with the infamous home run derby at night. To finish off the weekend, the All-Star game will be held on July 11th. It’s a great weekend for all of baseball as it’s greatest stars get recognized globally.Early National League All-Star Voting Below


Early American League All-Star Voting Below


Although these results are fairly early, you can already tell which teams will be highly represented in the All-Star game. To no ones surprise Bryce Harper leads the NL in voting while Mike Trout holds down the Al. While many of the best players lead the voting at there position you have players like Jason Heyward (3), Ben Zobrist (4), and Kyle Schwarber (5), all of which are on the cubs, in position as of now to make the all star game over Michael Conforto, Giancarlo Stanton, and Marcell Ozuna. This is only one example of how the fan vote is a joke. 

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