Is Kyle Lauletta Already Threating Davis Webb for the backup Quarterback Job?

New York Giants rookie quarterback Kyle Lauletta was drafted in the fourth-round of the NFL Draft in 2018. He was listed third on the depth chart entering the game, but Lauletta didn’t play like one.

He looked poised in the pocket and Kevin Lauletta made all the right decision. He throws a very good spiral and Lauletta will get better with practice. He competed six-of-nine passes for 48 yards. His accuracy was also very good and it is what the Giants want to see.

Davis Webb is currently the number two quarterback on the depth chart and he is feeling the heat in a hurry with his performance last night. Webb only completed nine passes in 22 attempts for 70 yards. He was inaccurate with the deep ball a lot and Davis Webb looked shaky. He also rushed for six yards on one carry, but Webb had good mobility.

The battle between Davis Webb and Kyle Lauletta will be a very big battle for the next three weeks in training camp. The winner of this job will be the backup quarterback and possibly the next successor to Eli Manning.

Davis Webb was a third-round draft pick last season and he is already feeling the heat after one preseason game. If he struggles again against the Detroit Lions on the road next Friday Night and Lauletta shines again, it could spell trouble for Davis Webb.


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