Where MLB The Show 17 went wrong

MLB the Show 17 came out with a lot of hype.  Since it is the only major league baseball game many people look forward to this series every year.  There were many ups and downs since the game released six months ago.  Countless server errors and animations made the game unbearable at times.  Since the beginning there have been strides to make the game better but did the game measure up to what the consumer expected?

I personally have enjoyed the game.  I’ve had many problems but I think that the game has been better since the start but I do believe that they waited too long to release some content or made poor choices with their timing of things.  I’m going to give some of my pros and cons of the game that I have noticed throughout my game play.

Server Errors:

MLB the Show and server errors seem like they go hand-and-hand together.  I have pre-ordered the game the past two years and left speechless at how many server errors I would get.  This past year was horrendous.  I don’t think that I was able to play the game until a month after the release.  I think that this is pretty embarrassing for them and I hope that it is their top priority for the game next year.  There should be some form of Beta that comes out for the game so that they can at least get a start on the problems.

Server Error

Pepe Alazar:

I think that Pepe was a very poor decision for the game.  The time of the release to me was not planned out very well.  At the time, the 99 Ken Griffey Jr. was just released for players to get so it took away from the cover athlete getting his spot light.  I think that it would be different if people couldn’t use a created player as well as Pepe.  I know that Pepe is hard to get but to me it’s dumb to have two players maxed out.  I am a big fan of using the live series players.  It’s cool to be able to obtain someone that was an actual player instead of a made up person.  Next year if they take out the CAP then I would be more for Pepe Alazar but that is left to be decided.

Pepe Alazar


This is the main reason I’ve had so many frustrations with this game.  I can’t count how many times that I have had a runner score at home because my pitcher is facing the wrong way or how my player’s can never tag a base runner.  Other times I’ll have a player under a fly ball and they will just flat out miss it.  I hope that next year the animations can be cleaned up to the point where the same thing doesn’t happen in every game.


These are just a few things that have lead to the question: Is MLB the Show 17 Dead?  My first answer is no.  There is no other MLB game out on the market right now which makes it easier for MLB the Show to stay in business.  I will continue to buy the game unless there is another option in the future that is better.  The past couple of weeks have looked bright for the game.  They have released a lot of new content with better rewards for game play. I think that this should’ve been done from the beginning.  It’s almost too late since NBA 2K18 is out and Call of Duty is right around the corner drawing players away from the game. I’m getting close to the end of the game as well with the baseball season coming to a close.

Let me know what you guys think or what you would add!

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  1. Fix the dam offline base running. Always diving back into their current base on clear line drive hits. I don’t know how many times I’ve been doubles off second becuz of that nonsense.

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