Is There A Good Fit For Melo In Free Agency?

Carmelo Anthony and the Thunder announced they will part ways this summer and the discussion has been who is going to pick him up. The top teams going after him seem to be the Lakers and Rockets. These teams are really interesting to me because I don’t think Melo fits in well with any of them.

Why he doesn’t fit with the Rockets:

The Rockets are obviously a three point and iso ran team. Carmelo Anthony is not that good of a three point shooter and is getting pretty old so his iso game isn’t going to be the sharpest either. D’Antoni will probably hate Anthony’s forced mid-range jumpers which is a big reason why I think the Rockets would be a bad fit for Melo and they shouldn’t waste their money on him.

Why he doesn’t fit with the Lakers:

The Lakers have young forwards with a lot of potential and Carmelo will most definitely want to start over them. Melo wanting to start over player like Ingram or Kuzma would be a locker room issue and would be an absolute mess for the Lakers. Melo refused to come off the bench in OKC and I doubt he’ll want to be benched in LA, therefore I think Los Angeles isn’t the move for Carmelo.

There is honestly no good fit out of the teams pursuing him which is pretty crazy figuring he used to be one of the best in the game in his prime.


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