It’s Back! College Football  Truly Begins This Week! PSF Weekly CFB Pick’em (Week 1 Picks)

It’s August 29th, 2017. Tomorrow is August 30th, 2017. Guess what that means? Finally, college football is back and raring to go! Some people would say that it officially started last week but this week is where most of the top programs start their journey to the four team CFB playoff in next January. Here at Pro Sports Fandom, we did pick last week’s five games but we are really excited to watch a ton of college football this weekend and our PSF CFB Pick’em Season really gets a huge liftoff from this point on. Our football experts at PSF have teamed up to make our predictions for each top 25 team’s opening game and other notable unranked team’s games. After last week’s five game tease of college football, the standings are as shown below:

T1st: Tristan Beckmann, Heath Kyser, Jon Butler. (5-0)

T4th: Eric Jensen, Dustin Beard (4-1)

T6th: Chris Chastain (2-3), Jack Geary III (2-3)*

*Both are new additions to the pick making staff.

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And now it’s time for the picks:

Consensus picks (everybody picked the same team) (predicted winners in bold)

Consensus Picks:

  • Tulsa @ #10 Oklahoma State
  • #8 Washington @ Rutgers
  • Utah State @ #9 Wisconsin
  • Missouri State @ Missouri
  • Maryland @ #23 Texas
  • Akron @ #6 Penn State
  • Kent State @ #5 Clemson
  • Bethune-Cookman @ #18 Miami
  • UTEP @ #7 Oklahoma
  • Stony Brook @ #19 USF
  • Western Michigan @ #4 USC
  • Central Arkansas @ #20 Kansas State
  • Purdue @ #16 Louisville
  • Georgia Southern @ #12 Auburn
  • Montana St. @ #24 Washington State

More CFB Picks:

#2 Ohio State @ Indiana

  • Tristan Beckmann: Indiana
  • Eric Jensen: Ohio State
  • Heath Kyser: Ohio State
  • Jon Butler: Ohio State
  • Chris Chastain: Ohio State
  • Dustin Beard: Ohio State
  • Jack Geary III: Indiana

Colorado State @ Colorado:

  • Tristan Beckmann: Colorado State
  • Eric Jensen: Colorado
  • Heath Kyser: Colorado
  • Jon Butler: Colorado State
  • Chris Chastain: Colorado
  • Dustin Beard: Colorado
  • Jack Geary III: Colorado

California @ North Carolina:

  • Tristan Beckmann: UNC
  • Eric Jensen: California
  • Heath Kyser: UNC
  • Jon Butler: California
  • Chris Chastain: UNC
  • Dustin Beard: UNC
  • Jack Geary III: UNC

NC State @ South Carolina:

  • Tristan Beckmann: NC State
  • Eric Jensen: South Carolina
  • Heath Kyser: South Carolina
  • Jon Butler: South Carolina
  • Chris Chastain: NC State
  • Dustin Beard: South Carolina
  • Jack Geary III: NC State

#11 Michigan @ #17 Florida:

  • Tristan Beckmann: Michigan
  • Eric Jensen: Michigan
  • Heath Kyser: Florida
  • Jon Butler: Michigan
  • Chris Chastain: Michigan
  • Dustin Beard: Michigan
  • Jack Geary III: Florida

Temple @ Notre Dame:

  • Tristan Beckmann: Notre Dame
  • Eric Jensen: Temple
  • Heath Kyser: Notre Dame
  • Jon Butler: Notre Dame
  • Chris Chastain: Notre Dame
  • Dustin Beard: Notre Dame
  • Jack Geary III: Notre Dame

Appalachian State @ #15 Georgia:

  • Tristan Beckmann: Appalachian State
  • Eric Jensen: Georgia 
  • Heath Kyser: Georgia
  • Jon Butler: Georgia
  • Chris Chastain: Georgia
  • Dustin Beard: Georgia
  • Jack Geary III: Georgia

 BYU @ #13 LSU:

  • Tristan Beckmann: LSU
  • Eric Jensen: BYU
  • Heath Kyser: LSU
  • Jon Butler: LSU
  • Chris Chastain: LSU
  • Dustin Beard: LSU
  • Jack Geary III: LSU

Texas A&M @ UCLA:

  • Tristan Beckmann: UCLA
  • Eric Jensen: Texas A&M
  • Heath Kyser: UCLA
  • Jon Butler: UCLA
  • Chris Chastain: Texas A&M
  • Dustin Beard: UCLA
  • Jack Geary III: UCLA

#22 West Virginia @ #21 Virginia Tech:

  • Tristan Beckmann: Virginia Tech
  • Eric Jensen: West Virginia
  • Heath Kyser: West Virginia
  • Jon Butler: West Virginia
  • Chris Chastain: Virginia Tech
  • Dustin Beard: West Virginia
  • Jack Geary III: West Virginia

#25 Tennessee @ Georgia Tech:

  • Tristan Beckmann: Georgia Tech
  • Eric Jensen: Tennesseee
  • Heath Kyser: Georgia Tech
  • Jon Butler: Georgia Tech
  • Chris Chastain: Georgia Tech
  • Dustin Beard: Tennessee
  • Jack Geary III: Tennessee

Pro Sports Fandom Writers Pick Game of the Week:

#1 Alabama vs. #3 Florida State
(8:00pm, ABC) Chick’Fil’A Kickoff Game

Tristan Beckmann: I’m picking Alabama to win this game. Florida State QB Deondre Francois still has a few learning curves and will struggle early on against a tough nosed Crimson Tide defense. Jalen Hurts makes an early statement to be talked about as one of the top quarterbacks in college football with a 3 three touchdown performance. Alabama 31, Florida State 17. 

Heath Kyser: There are many possible headlines for the papers on Sunday morning in the aftermath of the showcase game of Week 1 in Atlanta. For me, I’m going with “Tide Tramples Noles in the Trenches”. Yes, Deondre Francois is one of the games best talents. But I believe we see a very inexperienced offensive line fail to give him time to operate. Alabama will have the best secondary in the country this year, and will be waiting to pounce on mistakes. Look, this is the 6th time since 2008 that Bama has opened with a ranked opponent in a neutral site game. Average score of those games? 38-13. I don’t see why this one is any different. Alabama 42, Florida State 17. 

Dustin Beard: In this battle of top 3 teams all eyes will be on Alabama’s Jalen Hurts and Florida State’s Deondre Francois in the battle of dynamic sophomore QB’s vs elite secondaries. While I believe Francois is going to have the better game in the air. In the end, Florida States defense won’t be able to stop Alabama’s beastly running backs, Bo Scarbrough and Damien Harris as Alabama runs away with the win in a tight game throughout. Alabama 28, Florida State 24.

Eric Jensen: Alabama is a really talented football team. However if there’s one team that can beat them on their schedule it’s the Seminoles out of Tallahassee and Florida State will beat Alabama. But don’t worry Crimson Tide fans you’ll see the Seminoles again, this time in January. Florida State 31, Alabama 24.

Jon Butler: Usually Florida State is a team that you expect to win week in and week out, but this won’t be the case in their first game of the season as they take on Alabama. Alabama is coming off of a season where they lost to Clemson in the National Championship, but they want to start 2017 off right and they will as they host Florida State this Saturday.  Alabama should be able to build off of the 14-1 season they had in 2016 even after losing multiple defensive starters to the 2017 NFL Draft. We should see a better offense out of Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide as they have Jalen Hurts in his sophomore season after winning the SEC Offensive Freshman and SEC Offensive Player of the Year awards last year. The Crimson Tide also have running back Bo Scarbrough returning for what could be a breakout season as he enters his junior year. Not many people knew exactly who Bo was going into 2016 because of the light workload he was given early in the year (had only double digit carries twice in the team’s first 11 games). He ended the year strong with 65 carries for 454 yards (6.9 yards per carry) and I expect him to be a focal point of that offense this year. Florida State has a chance to win this game, but they will need a strong game in sophomore quarterback Deondre Francois, who showed a lot of potential in his first year. I expect a close game, but Alabama is going to wear down that Seminole defense with Scarborough and make them play at the speed they want. Alabama 34, Florida State 27.

Jack Geary III: I believe that Florida State will win this game. I truly believe in the ability of QB Deondre Francois and the Seminole offense this year. The complete x-factor of this game is definitely FSU defensive back Derwin James. If James can live up to the hype of being “one of the best players in college football”, he could help FSU very well shut down this powerful Crimson Tide offense. Many people forget that Alabama QB Jalen Hurts was a total liability in terms of passing late last season. If Derwin James can disrupt the passing game of Alabama, it gives the Noles a tremendous chance to pull off an incredible week 1 upset! Florida State 31, Alabama 28.

Chris Chastain: Alabama 31, Florida State 21.

Thanks for reading! We hope you’re as excited for the college football season to start as we are! Let us know your predictions for some games this week on Twitter! 


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