Jason Heyward is Chase Headley and vice versa. I know right.

Hi everyone I got a quick piece for you this weekend. Let me know what you think.

Comparing Jason Heyward to Chase Headley sounds insane right, they look completely different, but when you look at the numbers…

262/344/412 Slash line

10.4 BB%     17.6 K%     .150 ISO

.333 wOBA     108 wRC+

30.2 WAR

1103 Games     4502 PA


264/343/402 Slash Line

10.0 BB%     22.4 K%     .138 ISO

.328 wOBA     108 wRC+

29.1 WAR

1409 Games     5701 PA

Is that close or what, it’s pretty clear that giving the number of games gave it away, Heyward obviously would have an advantage in WAR, regardless of any hitting edge, either way, considering how great defensively he is, but they are basically the same hitter, no not basically they are exactly the same hitter.

Not even the most skeptical person ever expected a performance so awful by Jason in his first 2 years as a Cub, but everyone knew he wasn’t exactly Bryce Harper when the Cubbies jumped the gun and gave hm 184/8, but something most people failed to recognize is that obviously Chicago loved his defense which made for a high floor, but they took a chance on his offensive upside, the expectation was big on his hitting, j remember a lot of analysts saying this was the new direction of the game, that players with more defensive value would receive big deals, a lot of none sense, Heyward got some money for his defensive value, a big amount, but he also got a big chunk based on his hitting potential, and it all goes back to what i wrote earlier of teams overpaying for talented but flawed young free agents i believe i even put him in there, regarding Headley he’s a solid player who had one great year and a bunch of ok/good seasons, overall a solid career, all goes to show how much Jason Heyward failed to live up to the hype.

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