Javier Baez is making baseball fun again

In a world where baseball is considered by many to be “boring” some players are pouring their heart and soul into the game to change these views. This group powered by players such as Bryce Harper and not to mention Javier Baezbryce-harper-wore-a-make-baseball-fun-again-hat-in-the-locker-room-after-the-nationals-opening-day-win

Javier Baez, the 24 year old infielder for the Chicago Cubs, with his no look tags, tag dodging slides, bat flips (or should a say bat “gentle put-downs”) and so much more. When Baez steps on the field he is always in the middle of the game. His electric swing and defensive abilities make for an enjoyable time for the viewers. giphy.gifgiphy-1

Javy is single-handedly inventing new categories in baseball, for example, if I were to ask you who is the best tagger in baseball today, you would probably confidently say “Javier Baez”. If I were to ask you this question 5 years ago you probably would have responded with either “what??” or “I don’t know” but not things are different.  GTY 599229858 S BBA BBN BBO SPO USA IL

Javier is truly making baseball fun. This type of enthusiasm keeps us locked into the game. It gets our adrenaline flowing just by watching him play and having fun. Bringing the fun back to baseball is in the best interest of everyone so when players like Baez and Harper are having fun out there next time, try to appreciate them more as they are the ones pioneering baseball back to the top.


Baseball is in need of a huge public figure, sure players like Trout, Harper and Bryant are stars but they are not Tom Brady, Lebron James or Odell Beckham to the media. Meaning everyone knows Odell and what he does because we remember fun, and baseball needs it. Baseball needs more Jose Bautista bat flips, Javier Baez no look tags, Pedro Strop fists pumps, and Fransisco Lindor’s infectious smile.bautista-bat-flip.gif101116_wshlad_baez_tag_med_m00wrmoa

Players like Javier Baez and Bryce Harper are spearheading a change in baseball in which we all have a little bit to benefit from. 101616_ladchc_baezlookscamera_med_xptk3hpd.gif


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