JJ Watt- True Texan

Amid the wreckage that Hurricane Harvey has brought, the storm has truly shown the good that is in the people of not only Texas, but the United States as a whole. Millions of dollars have been raised and donated by organizations, celebrities, and athletes alike, but one Houston icon took it one step further.

I shouldn’t have to introduce Justin James, or JJ, Watt. The three time defensive player of the year, four time pro bowler, and four time first team all-pro (along with a number of other awards and accolades) needs none. He’s made his presence known by fans of all 32 NFL teams. Arguable the best defensive player of this era, and without a doubt one of the best of all time at what he does, Watt makes a living terrorizing quarterbacks, and is he damn good at it.

Watt, however, is not always the animal we see on the football field. Watt is active in the communities both in Wisconsin, where he is from, and in Houston, where he plays. He’s done things such as participate in a snowball fight, which was shown on his snapchat last winter, to celebrating his elementary school teacher retiring by surprising her with a cake, to his charity, the JJ Watt Foundation, which provides for middle schools in need of sporting equipment witht he equipment they need. It has raised over $3.3 Million in several years.

Recently, with the damage that Hurricane Harvey brought to the city of Houston and the state of Texas, JJ decided to take action. On August 27 posted a video to his Twitter account (@JJ Watt) encouraging his followers to donate if they are able to. He set an initial goal of $200,000. This was met within hours. He raised it to $500,000. Several hours later, that was met as well. He raised it to $1 Million. This was also met. $2 Million, $3 Million, $5 Million, $6 Million, people continue to donate to JJ’s charity. As of right now, the campaign has raised $6,943,918 by over 70,000 people. Watt says he wants to reach $10 Million, which at this rate does not seem impossible. Watt’s foundation also set up an event at Pawaukee High School in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, which Watt attended, to donate food to be sent to the people of Houston.

Watt embodies what the NFL really is. He could’ve just made a donation and called it a day, but he shows he cares for the city through what he has done. For that,we at ProSportsFandom tip our caps to Mr. Watt and evrything he does and we strongly encourage anyone who is able to to donate at https://www.youcaring.com/victimsofhurricaneharvey-915053.

UPDATE (8/31) – As of Thursday morning- Watt’s campaign reached the $10,000,000 goal and hit 100,000 donators. The goal is now $15,000,000.

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