Justin Verlander, Jay Bruce, Curtis Granderson, and Giancarlo Stanton to clear waivers?

Bob Nightengale at USA TODAY Sports tweeted out earlier today that; ” MLB executives predict that Tigers’ Justin Verlander, Mets’ Jay Bruce/ Curtis Granderson, Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton, will all clear waivers.” We are going to break down where each playe may go if they do clear waivers. Remember, just because you clear waivers does not mean you will be traded.

If you do not understand the waiver system here is a quick article on it.



Justin Verlander

Brewers: The Brewers were one of the teams that was looking at Verlander during the trade deadline and they may still be after him. Right now the Brewers do not have a great starting rotation, but Verlander may be able to help them out a little bit. To this point in 2017, Verlander has posted a 4.29 ERA in 130.0 innings pitched, but he has been pitching a lot better lately as he has not allowed over three runs since July 2nd.

Cubs: The Cubs have been the other team that has been looking at adding another starting pitcher. Right now Cubs starting pitching has looked a lot better, but it won’t hurt to grab one more good pitcher. If the Cubs do go after Verlander they would probably have to give up a major leaguer, which I do not think they want to do. In my opinion if Verlander goes anywhere he will go to Milwaukee.

Jay Bruce, Granderson, and Stanton

Bruce: Jay Bruce has been one of the best players in MLB so far this year with 29 homers and 75 RBIs, and he has been on some teams radar. The Yankees were one of the teams that was interested in Bruce, but that was shot down. I could see the Nationals  making an attempt at getting Bruce as they move into the playoffs.

Granderson: If Granderson goes anywhere I could see it being the Brewers. This year Granderson has not been very good, but with the Brewers trying to chase the Cubs down I could see them going after one more bat.

Stanton: There were a few teams that checked in on Stanton before the trade deadline, but one team sticks out to me and that would be the Cardinals. Saint Louis has a few outfielders that have not played all that well this year. The Marlins have also scouted the Cardinals system heavily, but then again I don’t think Stanton will go anywhere.


Once again, these players that clear waivers do not have to be traded but they can be. Let us know if you think they will be traded on our twitter @1N2W_.





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