Kareem Hunt and Alex Smith Dominate The Patriots in a new Look KC Offense: What We Learned Thursday Night.

The NFL season opened on Thursday night as the Chiefs shocked the Patriots at home with a 42-27 win. Alex Smith had perhaps his best game of the year throwing for 368 yards and 4 touchdowns. Kareem Hunt had a monster record setting night with 148 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown, paired with 98 yards and 2 touchdowns through the air. Here is what else we learned.
1. Kareem Hunt is a beast. Hunt is not only hard to bring down he may be the best pass catching back Alex Smith has ever had. Small sample size but sky is the limit for Hunt.

2. Mike Gilislee had a breakout night. Gilislee had 45 yards and three rushing touchdowns. Gilislee really impressed me with his field vision and ability to see the holes in the line. He wasn’t the pats primary pass catching back though that job is going to James white. Just shows you how much fantasy “analysts” know about how Belichick will use his backfield. The big name was supposed to be Rex Burkhead, for that reason I would say stay away from Gilisslee until we have a bigger sample size.

3. Dontae Hightower, if he misses time is a big loss. That defense looked sluggish without him and gave up a big night to Alex Smith of all people. Though Kevin Van Noy is great in coverage he is sluggish at defending the run. Essentially the Pats best pass rusher without Hightower is Trey Flowers, that’s not a good thing.

4. Alex Smith had a career night. Over 300 yards and 4 touchdowns. That is incredibly impressive for the usually conservative Smith. He lit up the scoreboard with passes to Kareem Hunt and a very impressive deep throw to Tyreek Hill. Some thought on that, don’t freak out its only one game. Against a very weak Patriots defense and the fact it is only one game. It may be Smiths best game of the year though especially if Tyreek Hills injury is serious. Perhaps he is being driven by Pat Mahomes?

5. The Patriots offense looks slow…….but don’t hot take on it yet. Yes Brady had some questionable throws and there were some big missed plays by Gronk and new Pats addition Dwayne Allen. It historically takes a bit for this team to heat up though. Brandon Cooks had a great deep catch and the potential there is A++.

6. The Patriots offensive line looks dominant. Through the first three quarters they shut down the Kansas City pass rush but got fatigued late. As the season progresses this team will only get better.

7. Eric Berry dominated up until he got hurt. Berry had 7 tackles and one for a loss including a crucial fourth down stop. It’s an Achilles injury for Berry and if he misses time it is a crazy big loss for the Chiefs.

8. Justin Houston dominated and that is very, very good for KC. If Houston can return to his prime this defense can win this team games, playoff games, championship games!

9. PLEASE SPARE ME THE TOM BRADY IS DONE PATRIOTS ARE OVER TALK. We have seen this before, team beats Pats, people freak out, Pats go blow out their next opponent until there 0-6 don’t count this team out.


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