Kris Bryant is still injured, could a DL trip be coming in the future?

One thing we have noticed lately is that Kris Bryant has not been hitting for power. Well now we might know why.

After last nights game, Kris Bryant was talking about his left pinkie which he hurt in the White Sox series. He said that “It’s brutal every day. It swells up. Actually kind of annoying to go in the training room every day to do all this work just to feel good. But sometimes you have to go through that.” (Took this quote from @MDGonzales on twitter).

Could this mean a possible DL stint for Bryant? With Willson Contreras going down for 4-6 weeks I’m sure Joe wants to keep him in the lineup, but it could hurt in the long run. If Kris is not 100% healthy he could easily make it a lot worse, and with our luck it would get worse right before the playoffs. Even though some may not like it I would put Kris on the ten day DL until his finger is back to 100%, and once it is, we will probably start seeing better power results from him.



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