Kyrie Irving Isn’t Leaving Boston

Many analysts and reporters believe that Kyrie Irving will leave the Boston Celtics for the New York Knicks next year. They think that Kyrie and Jimmy Butler, who is also a free agent next year, are gonna team up and go to an Eastern Conference team, possibly the Knicks, as they have space for a max contract next year and can make space for another one. Reporters believe that Kyrie is not getting the attention he thinks he deserves and wants to play in the “spotlight” (New York) which is also his hometown. They also assume he won’t sign a contract extension with the Celtics and they are ‘scared’ Irving will leave them in 2019.

All these reports are clearly inaccurate and false. Kyrie Irving enjoys playing in Boston and the Celtics would be in a complicated position without him. He can truly lead this team to the playoffs, and possibly the Finals. The Knicks are in a worse position, with a worse head coach, and less help to Kyrie in leading a team to the playoffs, let alone the Finals. Also, many of the reports were made by Knicks reporters which do show some level of bias in them, so keep that in mind.

Nick Wright suspects that Kyrie is ‘jealous’ of Jayson Tatum, as the young rook “took all his stardom away in Boston”. Although Celtics fans love Tatum, they wouldn’t be in the second seed without Kyrie. Kyrie loves the Celtics and his teammates love him as well. Just reports came out recently that the Boston Celtics squad has been closer than many think.

Kyrie Irving didn’t want to sign an extension this year because it doesn’t make sense for him financially. Why sign this year, when you can sign an extension next year for $80 million more? It was not like Kyrie didn’t want to re-sign with the Celtics at all in general.

Taking Kyrie away from the equation, the Celtics are still better than the Knicks, who all they have is Porzingis and possibly Butler, while the Celtics have Horford and Hayward, as well as Jaylen and Jayson, not to mention a better coach and a deep bench.

Kyrie would be dumb to leave the Celtics when they are in a great position to dethrone the Warriors in the finals, provided that both teams make it. If he does leave the Celtics, he would have made a poor choice


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