Lakers interested in trading for Dwayne Wade

The question you may be asking is why would the Lakers want to trade for Dwayne Wade. I have a couple of answers as to why that may be, one reason behind this rumor would to establish a veteran presence in the Laker locker room but it seems to me that Lonzo Ball has taken the reigns and control of that team and has made it his,  according to Magic himself. We got a small glimpse as to what Lonzo has to offer and let me tell you, he put on quite a show; I know most people are like “oh it’s just summer league” but to me it’s something more, seeing him dish the ball out like Rondo and make buckets like Magic it is simply interesting. On that note most likely the main reason is that the Lakers want to be able to pitch to LeBron James in the summer of 2018. But with talks coming out of Philly, New York and even Boston it’s hard to figure out where LeBron will end up next offseason. Will he take money? Or would he rather chase rings? The ball is in his court however trouble is Cleveland paradise still arsises with Kyrie’s comments today stating Cavs are in a “peculiar” situation. Well for one there is still no GM and no major free agents have been signed and Kevin Love is still a Cav. Cleveland is pushing hard to get Love traded because his contract is a 20 million cap hit this year. With all those troubles arising people are taking the “where will LeBron go” next to a whole new level. My biggest surprise is Philly being in that mix, trust the process they say but why would anyone want to go play with the current starting 5 only playing 35 games in the last 2-3 years. Lastly, it will be interesting to see if LA can land Wade from a Bulls organization that can’t seem to get anything right as of late. Between the front office problems and players not wanting to play. Let’s see if this happens and somehow the Lakers can land James, George and Paul next summer. Wouldn’t that be interesting?


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