LeBron declined wanting Kyrie traded.

Rumors have been swirling around the NBA world that Kyrie wants to be traded. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst first reported on July 21st that Irving requested the trade in a meeting with the Cavaliers. According to multiple sources, Kyrie doesn’t want to play with LeBron. Just hours later it was reported that “LeBron James was blindsided and disappointed”. This story has been stunning with the main reason being once the season ended Kyrie praised James right after the game 5 of the NBA finals. It now feels like Kyrie was keeping quite about the situation until he decided what route he would take. Reports came out as of yesterday stating “If LeBron was standing in front of Kyrie, He would be tempted to whip his ass”. Here is the tweet that LeBron James (@kingjames) posted:LBH

Now, I’m sure this report was not literal, But it shows the tension between LeBron and Kyrie right now.  With how involved LeBron James is in the Cavaliers front office it’s hard to believe this is all “Fake News”.  I would love to hear from Kyrie himself, seems highly unlikely that we will before the Cavaliers decide what route their going to take beings that we haven’t heard from him yet.

Written by: Chris Chastain 



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