NBA Free Agency: Should the Cavs consider a sign and trade for Lebron?

The NBA season is almost over and the Playoffs are just around the corner. The Cavs have a problem and his name is LeBron James. LeBron is once again a free agent and it’s already been speculated that he could once again leave Cleveland. LeBron is an attraction within himself. Players around the league all want to play alongside him even if they have to come to Cleveland. But the Cavs organization cannot bet their money on him staying while he is considering the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and the Philadelphia 76ers.

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There is only one solution for the Cavs if LeBron decides to walk out again. They have to try and do a sign and trade with whichever team he decides to take his talents to.

Why Sign and trade?

The Cavs already have some youth and a top 5 pick with the net’s pick but I wouldn’t let LeBron leave a second time without getting something in return. Every team he is considering has some remarkable pieces that they can try and get out of the deal so that they can have more assets to either work with or use as trade bait. Now we have to be honest with ourselves. The Cavs are not going to get a Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Ben Simmons, or a Joel Embiid. Most likely they will end up with Role players or Draft picks.

The Bad side and why they have to convince LeBron to do it

Now even though this is a possibility it is definitely a long shot. LeBron has 2 teams on his radar that can give him a max contract without losing a single asset. The tricky part to a sign and trade is if LeBron leaves then I know he wouldn’t want to give up anything on his new team in a sign and trade if he doesn’t have to. But with his love for the city of Cleveland I think he will consider it so that they can at least have something to either build around or use as trade bait in the offseason.

Now the best bet for this to happen is if LeBron chooses Houston. They already don’t have the cap to sign LeBron to a max but they have leverage over all of candidates because his best friend Chris Paul plays in Houston and LeBron would love to play alongside him. They would have to make some room on the roster to make this happen and Cleveland can take advantage of that to add some more pieces to their team.

Now LeBron staying is still a possibility for all my cavs fans but just in case he doesn’t this would be a good chance to secure your future. You guys are in good hands with GM Koby Altman whom I think will consider this option if LeBron chooses to walk. But what do you think?

Will LeBron walk once again this offseason? Should the Cavs try to do a sign and trade if he decides to walk?



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