Lonzo Ball is Good for the NBA

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Here’s a hot take for you: Lavar Ball sucks. Crazy, right? I mean, I know everyone thinks that, and there are lots of people rooting against his son, Lonzo, just because of Lavar’s foolishness in the media, and just in life. But, with that being said, Lonzo Ball is great for the NBA.

The 6’6 soon-to-be rookie point guard out of UCLA very well may be a star in the league for years to come, and that will just throw fuel onto the dumpster fire that is Lavar. Lonzo certainly has the skills to make it in the league, he can shoot pretty well, he has great speed (especially in the open court), and he is an absolutely incredible passer. In fact, that last one has drawn him many comparisons to future Hall of Famer Jason Kidd, which is quite the compliment.

Lonzo is a charismatic dude who is great at what he does. We, as a society, just need to ignore his father and focus on this young man who could be a top 3 point guard in the next 3-5 years, given that his game translates well to the NBA. Forget all of this nonsense about the Lakers being the only team he will play for, because we all know he will be more than happy to play for whatever team decides to draft him next week. Forget all of this Big Baller Brand crap, and just focus on what really matters: basketball.

The game is fun. Right now, it is more fun than I remember it being at any other point in my life. It is competitive, there are tons of stars, and it is so easily accessible to watch any team you want. Now, why does Lonzo make the NBA better? Because he is a polarizing star. People hate his father, and seem to have trouble separating that from the fact that he is very likely going to be a star in this league. They want to hate him because his Dad is the most arrogant, idiotic, and just flat out crazy person that is anywhere near the NBA. I guarantee if you turn on any sports show on TV right now, you will hear either Lonzo or Lavar’s name before the next commercial break. People love to talk about them. People love to hate them. And as they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity… except for maybe Lonzo’s top 5 rappers list, but that is another topic for another day.

Here is a video from Footlocker about father’s day, showing off Lonzo’s sense of humor:


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