Love Him or Hate Him, Tom Brady Proved Why He is Still THE Best

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) reacts before an NFL divisional playoff football game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016, in Foxborough, Mass. The Patriots defeated the Chiefs 27-10. (Kirby Lee/NFL)

We hear it all the time from Patriots fans.

“Brady is the best ever!”

“Brady is the GOAT!”

“There is nobody with the same heart and passion as Tom Brady!”

“Tom Brady is the true definition of champion!”

And we hear it all the time from Patriots Haters and Tom Brady Haters.

“Tom Brady is a cheater!”

“Tom Brady benefits from Bill Belichick and his system!”

“Tom Brady is a pretty boy!”

“Tom Brady is a giant crybaby!”

“Tom Brady benefits more from any referee than any other QB in NFL history!”

I guess you could call me as a “hater” so to speak.  While I believe Brady is the best in this era and the one before, I’ve never been one to say who is the BEST ever given of all the other factors thrown in and not a big fan of his attitude.  That said, if you don’t believe why Tom Brady is the best right now after yesterday, you are a true hater whose judgement is clouded because you hate the Patriots or Brady himself.

I’m not talking about stats.  Yes, the statistics are key in debates.  Brady will probably walk away with the MVP trophy again unless the Rams Todd Gurley surprises him.  It is what Brady does every time when the game is on the line.  The comebacks he had against Seattle and Atlanta in the Super Bowls are still amazing as he did it against an excellent defense (Seattle) and one that was riding a great wave of momentum (Atlanta).  And then he goes out and  against one of the best defenses in the NFL in Jacksonville yesterday, shreds up their defense through and through despite numerous hits, drops by his receivers, etc.  It was an incredible feat.

The other thing is that Brady does it with receivers that aren’t big time guys.  He doesn’t have an Antonio Brown or Julio Jones on his side.  One argument last year from Green Bay fans of why they believed Aaron Rodgers was the best in the NFL was that he didn’t have an assortment of weapons like Matt Ryan had with Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu in Atlanta.  But the irony is, if you really compared Rodgers’ receivers of Nelson, Cobb, and Adams and place them with New England’s you’d probably take the Packers receivers any day over the Patriots receivers.  Nothing against Danny Amendola or Brandin Cooks, but you have to think the Patriots receiver group would be upgraded if Brady had those guys.  Yet he still puts those guys into great positions for catching the ball.

The other thing to me and this is what makes him the best is that “never say die” attitude.  Yes, it comes back to those come-from-behind games, but what do you see of Brady on the sidelines?  He’s rallying his teammates every time when they are down or if they had a bad drive.  He does not out his players or throw blame on them like Rodgers has.  If the Patriots win, he shifts the credit from himself.  If the Patriots lose, he will say what he did wrong before he will even consider talking about the rest of the team.

So yes, Brady does get flak for some of the things he’s done.  I get it.  But you cannot ever the question the guy’s heart and drive every time.  Yes, we can talk about how he “cheated” with the footballs and how he handled it, which does leave a sour taste in my mouth, but given other players have been caught red-handed for other things and far worse (and how the footballs were properly inflated as he really destroyed Indy in the AFC Championship game).  Needless to say, whether you love him or hate him, Tom Brady is still the best in the league.  And until that desire goes away, he will remain that way.

-Fan in the Obstructed Seat




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