Making Stubs (TheShow17)

It’s very easy to make a substantial amount of Stubs. This is my strategy to making stubs in MLB. I know many people don’t wanna spend money on he game. Neither do I. If you follow our site and read our weekly roster update predictions, you will be able to make stubs. Just follow these instructions. 

My strategy requires a pre-existing budget. Nothing huge. I’d say around 10-20k stubs should be enough to get your feet off the ground. Following our Roster updates and or tracking hot players in the MLB it’s simple. Look for players currently sitting at a silver card. Reading roster predictions or stat tracking, look for players in the high silver range that could potentially upgrade to a gold card. Majority of silver players you can buy for under 500 stubs. Simply buying as many cards as possible under 500 stubs is the best strategy to making stubs. Use your 10k and max out the card.

For example. 2 weeks ago I purchased 10 Aaron Judge cards for 1k stubs each. On Friday the 23rd Judge received an upgrade to an 87 overall. I was able to sell each Judge for 4K stubs. A 3k profit margin. Something that doesn’t seem like a lot to many, but was more than I had before and I didn’t have to spend money. I highly recommend staying up to date with our roster predictions because you can flip cards like nothing. Be patient. Find out who’s hot and who’s getting the next bump to gold. 

Diamond cards are much different. You won’t necessarily be able to make as much profit, and players going to Diamond are already pretty expensive. It’s tough. Dallas Keuchel. Someone expected to go to diamond for weeks finally got it. Prior to upgrade he was sitting at 7-8k. Post roster update, his diamond card is currently going for 11-14k stubs. I recommend sticking to Gold upgrades only. Diamonds are tough unless you are a high roller. Look out for our roster Updates every week, and get control of the market. 


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