Melo’s Trade Options: Houston?

The New York Knicks are being pushed to buyout or trade Carmelo Anthony by other teams and supposedly Melo himself. But, the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be the front runners for landing the 6-time All NBA and 10-time All-Star stud. Whether it is a trade or buyout, the move makes sense for every team. The Knicks are in need of something positive after Phil Jackson’s departure and David Griffin declining the General Manager job. Lebron James and the Cavs have had a quiet off-season having only signed Jose Calderon and Jeff Green to smaller deals while keeping hold of Kyle Korver for 3 year, $22 million agreement. Finally, the Houston Rockets need to grab as many stars as possible in order to compete with the juggernaut Golden State Warriors team. Already adding the 9-time All-Star, Chris Paul, boosted their ranks immensely and Anthony could intensify the Western Conference even more.

$28 million for Anthony is what a team would need to cover the expenses along with pleasing the Knicks front office. A trade seems to be more plausible in this case for the Knicks. So, the Cavs seem to be a long shot because they are lacking assets or aren’t willing to give up their big names. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love seem to be untouchable at this point in free agency given their stellar performances over the past year. But overall, Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson and Channing Frye aren’t intriguing or viable options to pick up Carmelo’s touches. In addition, the Cavs do not have many draft picks or young, available players to interest the Knicks enough.

Even after acquiring Chris Paul, the Rockets are pushing hard for Melo, who they believe could be the key to their success in the West. Many of their players had a great year and are being given more attention. Straight up, Houston would have to give up a ton of value from their team, including starters like Eric Gordon, Clint Capela and Trevor Ariza. It would not be ideal, but at least 2 of these players would have to go given their current salaries. The best option for Houston would be to incorporate at least one other team to split the load of the burden. Now, they only would give up one of their stars with more players of less value. Ideal teams for this would be the Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Pistons and Milwaukee Bucks.

To go with the rumors that Carmelo Anthony could be headed to a new home, one of his old teammates posted a thread on social media. Nene Hilario played with him on the Denver Nuggets and now is on the Houston Rockets. He posted a picture on Instagram of Melo in a Rockets uniform saying, “He will look great in this… can’t wait to get back to the old times.” So, does Nene know something that we don’t or is he bluffing? Only time will tell. If a trade for Anthony is made, the rest of the free agency period will have a huge impact from the blockbuster deal.


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