Mitch Trubisky’s Status (Preseason Week 2)


There was multiple QB’s selected in the 2017 NFL draft, and I believe that many of them could potentially start at some point this season. Mitch Trubisky (North Carolina) was the first quarterback taken in the draft, coming in at no. 2 to the Chicago Bears.

Mitchell Trubisky (Chicago Bears) 24/33 2 TD, AVG 6.8 YDS, 72.7% passing rate

My observation (the most you can make for two preseason games) is that Mitch Trubisky could start this season, despite HC John Fox’s insistence that he would sit the entire season for development purposes.

The QB situation in Chicago isn’t very healthy at this point with Mike Glennon struggling heavily so far with 1 touchdown in the past two games and 2 interceptions. Trubisky has been repeatedly outshining him in the limited playing time he has had with 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.

At the moment, Mark Sanchez is also on the roster, taking second string, for some reason currently unknown to everyone but the organization itself. Mark Sanchez has also barely played in the past two weeks with only 6 passing attempts.

I do admire the way the Bears are trying to slowly progress Trubisky, even if that means a mediocre season is inevitable with Mike Glennon under center. Despite Mike Glennon starting, the Bears’ staff realizes Trubisky’s franchise quarterback potential, and are willing to wait until they think he is truely ready to start. Whether that be the 1st game of the season or even next year.Trubisky is part of a 2017 NFL Draft class that has many potential QB starters in the NFL. There is only so much you can learn about these players in the preseason, and I believe we can judge them more clearly if they have the chance to start during the regular season this year. Trubisky can only get better, especially since he only started his senior year of his college career.

Mark Sanchez




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