MLB Expansion: Commissioner Hints

Major League Baseball hasn’t expanded since 1998 when they introduced the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The most recent relocation was the Montreal Expos to Washington DC in 2005.

This week, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred mentioned 3 cities that he would be open to expanding to. These expansions would not come in the immediate future, however they are options for down the road.

The commissioner named 3 cities:

Montreal, Canada

Mexico City, Mexico

Charlotte, NC

“I know the Mayor of Montreal has been very vocal about bringing baseball back to Montreal,” Manfred said, “Charlotte’s a possibility. And I’d like to think that Mexico City or some other place in Mexico would be a possibility.” The commissioner also said that the situation with Oakland and Tampa’s stadiums needs to be resolved before moving forward with any sort of ideas of expansion.

There has been several rumors and speculation that the Tampa Bay Rays or Oakland A’s would be relocated to Montreal so that Charlotte and Mexico City could get a team. Having 33 teams would make the NL and AL lopsided with one having 16 teams and the other having 17 teams. It would be a scheduling nightmare so relocating a team and expanding 2 would most likely be the best possible route.

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