Predicting the final record for every MLB team with completed Play-Off bracket

Today we will be predicting each MLB team’s final record at the end of the season. These projections were made by both @ProSportsFandom and @mlbrandomstats. Below is a chart filled with each team and what we both predict their final record to be, after the trade deadline moves.

Also, below that is my complete “way-too early” play-off predictions with a filled out bracket and my pick for the 2017 World Series. Hope you enjoy.


So, there was our predicted regular season records for all 30 MLB teams. Now that we have that, I (Pro Sports Fandom) will be filling out my Post-Season bracket based on the records given above. Below is an image with my filled out bracket.

“Way-too early” Playoff Predictions- By Pro Sports Fandom

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 4.36.05 PM.png

Note* this predicted play-off bracket is based off of Pro Sports Fandom’s predicted final records. 


As you can see, I have the Dodgers winning the World-Series. They have been by far the best team in baseball this season, and with the addition of Yu Darvish at the deadline, they look even better on paper which made them an easy bet to win the World-Series this year.

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