MLB the Show 17 “what’s wrong”

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Throughout my time in the MLB Community, I have seen and experienced many issues with the game. As a fan of SDS and a player of MLBTheShow17, I do not expect a perfected game. Although issues presented to me upon release are still here today as we approach 2 months since release.

As of May 22nd, we received Patch 1.07. Most of us had expected the hitting issue to be solved. For weeks we have all been thrown a meatball down the heart of the plate, swung perfectly, and either popped up, grounded out or just completely missed the pitch. I think as a whole we fully expected this update to solve the hitting issue. It did not. Surprised? I’m not one to believe they don’t care to fix it. I do believe they are working to do so… but the lack of communication. We have not heard anything from them regarding hitting. It is very frustrating to us players who lose games because of the flaws in the basic mechanics of the game.

Today we received our newest roster update and had a few player upgrades. This was the tweet put out by @MLBTheShow17. Disappointing. Rather than letting fans of the game know what they are working on or asking fans what aspects of the game need fixing they decide to be comical. NOT VERY FUNNY.

I won’t say that hitting isn’t the only issue with the game. Many more including a lot of curveballs landing perfectly in the strike zone and being called a ball which seems like a quick fix. Not to mention times when you need a hit the pitcher will release the ball and it will glitch as it approaches the plate and you can’t get your timing down. When the game first came out, hitters were hitting with too much power. Now there is no consistency. A late swing can be a home run but a good swing is a pop-up. It’s time the community rallies together and continues to push for patches.


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