MLB The Show 18 Roster Update Predictions

We are back…

Well instead of going deep into things, here are some of the bigger players who received an update last week.

Mike Trout +1

Max Scherzer +1

Mookie Betts +3

Andrew Miller -1

JD Martinez +3

Shohei Ohtani +3

Compared to last year’s format this year I’ll be testing out a new format. As you should see below are multiple page numbers, slide through these to view a few players. (color of players name represents status)

Let’s dive in.

Gerrit Cole +1

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 4.35.15 PM

Why? Is second in the MLB in batting average against (BAA) but his Hits per nine (H/9) in MLB The Show is just 69 which happens to be the third lowest on the first page of live series cards.

On top of that Cole is top five in ERA, Strikeouts, WHIP and listed above BAA.

Ozzie Albies +2

See the source image

Albies has been one of the best players in all baseball this year. While hitting almost .400 against lefties, look for his 80 contact to see a bounce sooner than later. Not only contact but power as well, with a slugging % of .776 vs lefties his 65 power could see an upgrade soon (Mookie Betts leads the MLB in Slugging percentage at .761 to give some perspective).


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