MLB The Show Roster Update Predictions by @MLBTheShowTalk1

Hey, everyone, my name is MLBTheShowTalk1, and this is who I believe deserves upgrades and downgrades. The amount of Gold to diamonds players I have might seem a lot but based on their stats and how their playing this year I truly believe that these stats are deserving. I only did gold to diamond and diamonds to gold, but if you want me to make a second article on golds to silvers and silvers to golds just let me know. If you disagree with me at all or want to just discuss the article, please free to contact me on twitter @MLBTheShowTalk1. Thanks for reading!

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Roberto Osuna to from 88-92

I think Roberto Osuna deserves this upgrade. He has given up 22 hits in a 124 batters faced, 2 home runs, and only 3 walks! He has also converted 22 of 25 save opportunities. He also has 47 strikeouts in 35 innings pitched.

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Carlos Correa 89-91

Correa has been ecstatic this year. He is batting .395 against lefties with 5 bombs. He is also hitting .303 against righties with 15 bombs. He also only has 68 strikeouts and 41 walks so his vision should go up.

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Paul Goldschmidt 93-96

Paul boy has been pretty good this year. He is batting .332 against righties with 18 nukes. Unfortunately, he is only hitting .247 against lefties with 2 dingers so I see some downgrades there. But, his vision should go up a bit with 57 walks and 77 strikeouts.

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Charlie Blackmon 88-90

Chuck Nasty has been killing it these past few years, but he turned up a notch this year. I think he deserves to be a diamond. He is hitting .319 this year with an average of .326 against lefties and .315 against righties. He also has 20 dingers ( 14 vR and 6 vL),  so hopefully, he gets the power upgrades he deserves.


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Justin Turner 88-92

Justin Turner has been one of the best hitters in baseball this year. He is leading the whole league in batting average and has stacked some home runs in the past month. He is hitting .377 on the year! He is killing lefties with a .427 batting average and 8 home runs. He is also hitting .349 against righties with 2 home runs.


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Aaron Judge 87-90

Aaron Judge. Do I really need to say anything about this? He has been undoubtedly the best hitter this year. He is batting .329 on the year with 30 bombs! He is killing it right now. He also just won the home run derby so you know he means business. He has 23 bombs against righties with a .325 average. He is also batting .345 against lefties with 7 bombs.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 9.44.41 PM.png

Johnny Cueto 90-86

Johnny hasn’t been having one of his better years. He is rocking with a 4.58 ERA with a 6-7 record. He has given up 19 home runs in 18 games and 115 hits in the timeframe. He has also given up 38 walks and 56 earned runs.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 9.48.52 PM.png

Miguel Cabrera 90-89

I hate to do this, but I think it’s time for Miggy to go gold. He has been a machine this year, but unfortunately, he has not been doing that well this year. He is batting .264 on the year with 11 home runs. He is hitting .247 against rights with 10 home runs and .333 with 1 home run against lefties. The king has fallen.

Thats it! I know that an unbalanaced trade off but their has been a lot of good competiton this year and I think these players deserve these ratings. Thank you so much for reading and follow me on twitter@MLBTheShowTalk1.


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