MLB The Show Roster Update Predictions (Part 1)

After no roster update this week, hopefully this week’s update brings plently of changes. Below is part one of this weeks predictions.

Aaron Judge 83 to 85

Check out this piece I wrote why I feel he should be upgraded. Click here.

Jerry Blevins 84 to 85

He currently has a 2.25 era with a 1.00 WHIP. Another great stat, he has 36 strikeouts in just 24 innings pitched.

Matt Kemp 84 to 85 +1

He is hitting .326 with 11 homeruns with a .917 OPS. Where I expect the upgrade to go is contact vs righties, he has just 69 contact vs R in The Show despite rocking a .333 average vs righties.

Logan Morrison 72 to 79

Morrison is hitting just .245 on the season. But has a .925 OPS and is second in the league with 21 home runs. Expect for his 81 power vs righties to see an upgrade.

Cody Bellinger 75 to 80

Im shocked that Bellinger is still just a 75 overall. He is hitting .261 on the season with 19 homeruns. His slugging percentage vs lefties is over .680, expect for his 56 power to see an upgrade.

Todd Frazier 80 to 76

He is hitting a sour .205 on the season. But where he needs to see an upgrade is vs lefties. He is hitting just .192 on the season vs lefties with just a .411 Slugging percentage despite having 89 power vs lefties.

Brian Dozier 87 to 85

He is hitting .251 on the season with 11 home runs, which isnt “too” bad. But where I feel this downgrade will take place is power vs lefties. He has just 2 home runs vs left handed pitching despite having 88 power vs southpaws.


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