MLB The Show Roster update predictions (part 2)

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Edwin Encarnacion 83 to 85

He started the season as a gold, but after a slow start he was demoted to a silver. But this slugger has responded, he is hitting .370 in june with 6 home runs already.

Carl Edwards 83 to 85

Edwards currently has a 1.91 era on the season with 38 strikeouts in 28.1 innings. I would not be suprised to see an upgrade in home runs per nine and break.

Tommy Kahnle 83 to 83

Yes, i’m aware of the fact that I have him not having his overall changing. He was upgraded last week’s update so that is why. But I believe this is someone to invest in. He has a 1.27 era and 48 strikeouts in just 28.1 innings. He is someone to start to invest in.

Aaron Hicks 81 to 84

Hicks is currently hitting .306 on the season with 10 homeruns. He is hitting .323 vs lefties despite only having 58 contact, also he is hitting .297 vs righties despite only having 63 contact.

Nelson Cruz 88 to 90

Cruz is rocking with a .292 average on the season with 14 home runs. Which right there, fits his 88 overall, but where he deserves an upgrade is contact vs/r. He is hitting .310 on the season vs righties despite only having 71 contact.

Justin Smoak 77 to 81

Smoak is hitting .292 on the season with 19 homeruns and a .936 OPS. He should see an upgrade in both power categories which sit at 77 and 76. He is also hitting .385 on the season vs lefties despite having 50 contact.

Manny Machado 93 to 91

Machado is hitting a bum .217 on the season. He is hitting .203 vs righties despite having 79 contact, expect a downgrade here.


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