MLB The Show Roster Update Predictions (Part 2)

To have a look at the first part of this week’s roster update, click here to go directly to part 1. Now we look at more players who could be potentially on the move.

Nolan Arenado 93 to 94 +1

Nolan Arenado is quite good if you didn’t know by now. He is hitting .289 on the season, which seems right when looking at his card. But, where he can get upgraded is his stats vs lefties (Just 64 contact and 76 power) He is absolutely mashing vs lefties, he is hitting .417 and slugging .900 yes that is correct he is slugging .900 vs lefties.

Josh Harrison 83 to 84 +1

Harrison is hitting .308 on the season, with a .837 OPS. Pretty good. But where he can get an upgrade is his 65 contact vs righties, he is hitting .310 vs right handed pitchers.

George Springer 84 to 85 +1

Springer, who along with Correa and Altuve is leading the Astros to a historic start. He is hitting .278 with 16 home runs out of the lead-off spot. He is hitting .358 vs lefties and could see an upgrade there.

Ian Kinsler 89 to 87 -2

Kinsler is hitting .239 on the season with only 4 home runs. He has 88 contact and 68 power vs lefties despite only hitting .241 off of southpaws.  Don’t be surprised if those numbers were to be decreased.

Brian Dozier 87 to 85 -2

Dozier is hitting .236 on the season with 8 home runs. But where things get dangerous for him is his lack of power vs lefties. Despite having 88 power vs southpaws he has only one home run vs lefties on the season.

Todd Frazier 83 to 79 -4

Frazier does not deserve to be a silver anymore. After batting .225 last season, he makes things worse by hitting just .195 this season. He has 93 power vs lefties despite only having 3 home runs on the season vs lefties.

Ervin Santana 82 to 84 +2

He could very likely go gold this week as well. He has a .244 era .93 whip. Hitters are just hitting .156 off him this season, which is incredible. Look for his 71


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