MLB The Show Roster Update Predictions Part One (July 21st)

After last week’s roster update, which included Carlos Correa going diamond as well as plenty of other players going gold such as Felipe Rivero and more we look to this week to bring even more changes. But despite last week’s update, there are still players who deserve to see an update. Below are the players I feel have will see an upgrade and the upcoming schedule.

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Justin Turner 88 to 91

In my opinion, Justin Turner has deserved this upgrade for several weeks now. He is just a few games away from qualifying for batting average and once he does he will be leading the league in batting average at a whopping .370 mark. He is hitting a spectacular .427 vs lefties this season so I expect him to see a major upgrade there. If you expect him to see a downgrade in contact vs right handers then, don’t. He is still hitting .340 vs right handers so don’t be hesitant.

Mike Moustakas 84 to 85

Moustakas is currently hitting .270 on the year with 25 HRs and a .857 OPS. He should see a slight upgrade in contact vs lefties, he is hitting .253 so his 47 should see a slight upgrade. I also expect him to see an upgrade in both power categories.

Jason Kipnis 85 to 83

Since coming back from his injury, Jason Kipnis has not been very good, at all. He is hitting just .232 on the season with just a .693 OPS. I expect him to see a slight drop in all the main hitting categories.


Avisail Garcia 80 to 84

Avisail Garcia is quietly hitting .312 on the season with a .849 OPS. Garcia has 11 HRs and 51 RBIs. He is hitting an amazing .410 vs left-handers and is slugging .577 vs lefties so he should see his 85 contact get a boost as well as his 74 power.

Alex Wood 86 to 89

Alex Wood has been amazing this season, and one of the best pitchers this season. His ERA currently sits at 1.56 with an 11-0 record. Not to mention, Wood’s WHIP sits at 0.88 and he has 101 Ks in just 86.2 IP. Look for Wood to get an upgrade this week, whether its to an 89 or even a diamond. Wood could make for a good investment as his buy now price is just over 2,000 stubs.

Cody Bellinger 83 to 86

After hitting for the cycle Saturday night against the Marlins, Bellinger looks to see an upgrade this Friday. Bellinger is slugging .667 vs righties so he should see his 84 power get an upgrade. He also could see a slight upgrade in contact vsR and in speed.

Aaron Judge 87 to 91

What can I say, Judge has been by far the best player in baseball this year. As of now, he leads the league in fWAR at 5.5 which is 1.1 ahead of second place (Jose Altuve). Judge’s stat line currently sits at .319/.406/.671 and in my opinion, I feel he could (and should) see an upgrade in almost every hitting stat.

Charlie Blackmon 88 to 90

I know, I know they probably won’t have three players going diamond in one week, but all three players deserve it and they all have a very good chance of seeing an upgrade. Blackmon is hitting .326 off of left-handers this season so look for his 72 contact to see an upgrade.

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