MLB The Show Roster Update Predictions- Part One

Another week, another roster update predictions. Last week’s roster update was a pretty good one, in my opinion, with players such as Aaron Judge, Carlos Martinez, and Gary Sanchez all getting promoted to gold. Below are links to pieces that we have published this week that are definitely worth the read.

Tips for your create a player

Best team epics to complete

Below is the first portion of players who I feel will see an upgrade this week

Justin Turner 88 to 90

Turner is hitting .385 on the season with a 1.013 OPS. The reason you haven’t been hearing much of this is because of his injury which caused him to miss a few weeks, but now healthy, Turner is tearing it up. He is just a few games from qualifying and when that happens he will be leading the league in batting average and on-base percentage. He is hitting .397 vs. left-handers despite his 69 contact vsL, so expect an upgrade there.

Paul Goldschmidt 93 to 95

Goldschmidt is by far the best first basemen in the league and may be the best player in the National League. Goldschmidt is hitting .332 with 18 home runs and 65 RBI’s on the season. Not enough? He has 13 stolen bases which is 12th in the league. Also, he is second in the league in WAR, just behind Judge. But what makes the difference is the track record, meaning Goldschmidt has been one of the best over the least five years. He is hitting .347 vs right handers on the season so look for a boost there.

Joe Kelly 68 to 78

To see why I feel this, click here

Corey Seager 90 to 91

Seager has been amazing this year, he is hitting .298 with 12 Home Runs and a .908 OPS. He ranks third in the league in WAR. While I feel he will see a boost, it isn’t all good for Seager owners. He is hitting “just” .289 off of right-handers despite having 98 contact, so could see a downgrade there. But why I feel he could get an upgrade, he is hitting .321 off of lefties and is slugging .551, also I would not be surprised if he saw an upgrade in his defensive stats as he ranks 22nd in the league this year in overall defense.

Justin Smoak 77 to 81

Smoak is hitting .304 on the year with 20 Home Runs, a major turnaround after hitting .217 last year. He is hitting .383 vs lefties and .279 vs righties, so look for an upgrade there as he has just 50/68 in the contact category. Also, he has 16 home runs off of right-handed pitching, so expect his 77 power to see an upgrade.

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