MLB The Show Roster Update Predictions-Part Two

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Eric Hosmer 83 to 85

Hosmer is hitting .306 on the year with nine home runs and a .825 OPS. He is hitting .297 off of left-handers so expect an upgrade from 64. This one is iffy for happening this week, but I’d expect it to happen sooner rather than later.

Max Scherzer 93 to 96

Chris Sale saw a similar upgrade earlier on in the year, but Scherzer has been better this year, as well as the year before. Scherzer leads the league in ERA, BAA, WHIP, and is second in the league in strikeouts. Scherzer is as good as they come and deserves more than a 93. In my opinion, I feel Scherzer should be a 97 or even a 98 but I don’t expect them to give him that much of an upgrade, yet…

Fransisco Lindor 91 to 90

Lindor hasn’t been too special this year, on the offensive side. Yes, he does play tremendous defense which will keep him diamond but he deserves somewhat of a downgrade. He is hitting .253 on the year with a .789 OPS. I feel that he will see his 83 contact vs.R see a drop as he is hitting just .232 off of left-handers this year.

Avisail Garcia 80 to 84

Garcia has been amazing this year, he is hitting .325 with 11 Home Runs with a .888 OPS. He is hitting .429 off of left-handed pitching, yes .429 pretty darn good. He should see an upgrade from his 85 contact vs.L. Also, he is hitting .291 vs righties, which is pretty good too and he could see his 68 contact increase.

Matt Kemp 84 to 85

Kemp is hitting .320 on the year with 12 HRs with a .908 OPS. Weirdly, he is excelling vs righties while struggling vs lefties, this is good considering most at-bats come against right-handers. He is hitting .332 vs righties and should see his 69 contact get a boost, while he is hitting just .233 vs lefties, so he should see a downgrade there.

Brandon Belt 84 to 80

Belt is currently sitting at a sour .229 average on the season with just a .797 OPS, although he has hit 14 HRs. He is hitting an awful .196 against lefties so his 70 contact should see a downgrade as well, he is slugging just .348 against lefties so he should see his 78 power drop as well.

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