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Hello everyone, my name is Estevao Rodrigues, i’m the creator and writer of the blog:

I started that blog about a month and a half ago, looking to express my feelings on trending subjects in the baseball world, all while giving innovative and unbiased takes.

Recently i looked around in different websites, searching for a platform to expand my viewership, and came across Pro Sports Fandom. Very quickly we were able to work something out and here i stand your newest writer.

As my first article i’d like to give you one of my favorites, that got a lot of attention hopefully you’ll enjoy.

Note: Many exclusive brand new articles will come on the future, so don’t expect to see me just uproot everything here.

The Red Sox are fine, no need to overreact.

If you are following this offseason even remotely by now, you probably have noticed that there’s a lot of talk about what will the Red Sox do. Even prior to the Yankees acquiring Stanton and that obviously just helped increase it, they need a big bat, they need power.

It’s all you hear around Boston, well i am here to tell you, no they don’t, the Red Sox like any team could benefit from some improvement, but in the overall landscape of the league, the Red Sox are fine and here’s why.

In 2017 Boston won 93 games, the AL East and a trip to face the to be World Series champions Houston Astros, in a season which they were basically carried by their pitching staff who finished the year with the second best ERA+ in the American League behind the historically great Cleveland Indians.

Interestingly enough if you look at their staff, it doesn’t look like much, Sale was great, but struggled in the 2nd half, Pomeranz was pretty good, Kimbrel had a historic season, beyond that is just a lot of meh, Price pitched 74 innings, Porcello stunk, Rodriguez was solid but incosistent and Kelly was pretty good, the good news for Boston is no one really overachieved.

There’s no big candidate to come down to earth, you expect Sale to be a 6 WAR player, Pomeranz will probably decline a bit, just nothing really impactful and Kimbrel should regress and have like a 2 win season, but thay’s because you just can’t expect what he did this year on a consistent basis, is unrealistic, Kelly slighty overachieved but it’s pretty minor stuff and that’s it, Porcello can’t possibly be any worse, a full season out of Price could surely help, people may have forgotten this, but he is still a good player.

The point is, the area of strength for them this past year wasn’t an area of big overachievement, which means they should be fine for next season

Now on to the hitting side, this is where the Red Sox fans have a lot to look forward to, this past year the Red Sox finished the season ranked:

15th in WAR at 17.8

22nd in wRC+ at 92 behind the WHITE SOX

28th in ISO at .149

20th in wOBA at .316

This is the same team who led baseball in wRC+ the year before by a wide margin, 114 to 107, regardless of what one may tell you, David Ortiz is not the difference between a team wRC+ of 114 to 92, part of that is affected by him, just part of that.

Below is a list of Red Sox hitters and their wOBA and wRC+ in 2016, 2017 and their Steamer projections for the 2018 season.

Mookie Betts

2016: .379   137

2017: .339   108

2018: .374   132

Jackie Bradley Jr.

2016: .354   119

2017: .313   90

2018: .335   105

Xander Bogaerts

2016: .348   115

2017: .321   96

2018: .341   109

Dustin Pedroia

2016: .358   122

2017: .331   102

2018: .336   105

Hanley Ramirez

2016: .367   128

2017: .318   93

2018: .346   112

Chris Young

2016: .364   126

2017: .310   88

2018: Chris is a free agent

Andrew Benintendi

2016: .357   122

2017: .332   103

2018: .352   117

Note: Obviously Andrew didn’t play much in 2016, only 34 games to be exact, i just wanted to state that the expectations for him were more in line with what he did in 16, than his production this year in 17, he couldn’t hit lefties, maybe he can, maybe not, i don’t know, we’ll see and his numbers against righties were merely good.

That is amazing, the decrease in production from one year to another is like everyone decided to have an off year all in the same season, and most of these guys are young so aging decline is not the answer.

On top of that you get a full year out of Rafael Devers instead of running Pablo Sandoval and Deven Marrero out there.

All of this is to prove that the Red Sox had significantly more underachievers than overachievers and still won 93 games, sure they could use an improvement at first base/designated hitter, but it’s not worth paying 100+ for Hosmer nor JD.

A tip to Dave Dombrowski, sign a right handed platoon bat for the outfield, preferably one that can play CF, Maybin, Jackson, Gomez even Young all tho i wouldn’t push that.

If you can get him on a 1 year affordable contract give Bautista some at bats at DH, give Sam Travis a chance and if his market plummets maybe pursue Lucroy.

A good player to go after is Neil Walker at like 21/2 he can handle 2B until Pedroia is fully healthy, can spell Devers at 3B once in a while and could get some at bats later in the year as the DH, since 2011 he has had 2 WAR or more seasons in every year, those are the kind of opportunities i’d seek, you could probably go after one or two relief pitchers on the cheap and maybe another number 4-5 starter as insurance.

Oveerall the Red Sox are fine, there’s a good chance that the Yankees win the AL East next year, but overpaying for a DH won’t really change that and it will definitely jeopardize their future.

Boston has an ace, solid starters behind him, a stud closer, some nice relief options and a bunch of young, cheap very good position players, part of their problem now is that the front office a few years ago decided to add two big bats in Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez how well did that work out, how about when they signed than quickly got rid of Gonzalez and Crawford, history is telling you that this is a lousy idea, just listen to it.

Feel free to comment, make suggestions, agree, disagree and anything else you feel like it. See you for the next one

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