NBA Draft: Three Picks I Love and Three That Left Me Asking Questions

With the NBA draft coming to an end it is time to look ahead. Which rookies will help their teams the most? Here are in my opinion the top five best picks in the NBA draft outside of the top 2 as Deandre Ayton and Marvin Bagley are no brainer picks. Then talk about three picks that are head scratchers, let’s start with the Hawks.

Trae Young
I love this pick for the Hawks. Gives them a really good player that will take some time to develop while also grabbing a first round pick next year as well. I don’t believe Trae Young will be an immediate impact starter but by the beginning of December I would expect him to be a starter. The downside is big though as well, Young is either hotter than hot or colder than Antarctica there really is no in between.

trae young
Wendell Carter Jr.
An excellent pick for the Bulls. Carter Jr. was awesome at Duke and provides the Bulls their big man of the future. He’s a five that can also play the four and the three. I can’t wait to watch the Bulls next year they are a young fun team to get behind if you’re looking to get ahead of the curve.
Michael Porter Jr.
Yes, he slid a long ways down the draft board but honestly Denver is an awesome fit for him. He won’t have to start right away and he has other great contributors around him. This could be the Nuggets missing puzzle piece. If Porter is the gem some say he is the Nuggets have just gotten the steal of the generation.

SEC Basketball Tournament - Second Round
Collin Sexton
The Cavaliers just found there star of the future. Lebron James is gone, I said it. Collin Sexton makes the Cavaliers an exciting watch for this year. Sexton can be an immediate play maker and the thought of him along side Kevin Love is tantalizing. He may be the only reason to watch the Cavs next year.

Donte Divincenzo
This is an awesome pick. Yes Divincenzo could have used maybe one more year in college but he comes into a young team that will give him good minutes next year. The fact the Bucks lack a great coach to develop him is a bit concerning but Donte could give the Bucks the depth to take the next step to being an Eastern Conference contender.

Three I didn’t like
Grayson Allen
The Jazz front office was on a wild drug last night apparently. Not only could you have moved for Grayson in the second round he was also almost a non factor for Duke this past year. Point guard isn’t a need for this team with Ricky Rubio manning the helm on the court. They needed a great defensive power forward, they went and got an undersized point guard.

grayson allen
Mo Bamba
Looks like he can be a great NBA player. Not really awesome at anything other than blocking though.
The 76ers
I loved the selection of Mikal Bridges but trading him away that’s the mistake. He would have been a perfect fit for the team and was already a Philly legend at Villanova. Getting rid of a shooter on a team that needs shooters just makes no sense to me at all.



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