NBA Finals Breakdown

The NBA Finals has arrived and it’s Cavs vs. Warriors for the fourth straight year in a row. We were close to having two different teams in the Finals this year with the Rockets taking the Warriors to 7 games and the Celtics taking the Cavs to 7 games in the East but, both Cavs and Warriors were able to finish the job. Whether you love the matchup or you are tired of seeing it again like most people, it’s here and the series is starting today in Oakland. I do think this will be the last year this matchup takes place because Lebron will most likely be leaving in free agency so this will be our last look at the Cavs/Warriors saga part 4.

Prediction: Warriors in 5

The Warriors are the overwhelmingly better team in this series. Lebron and the Cavs are up against a dynasty and one of the greatest teams ever assembled in NBA history. Last year, the Cavs lost in 5 with Kyrie Irving so it would be easy to assume that the Warriors have a pretty good chance at beating them again in 5 or even in a sweep. I think the Cavs will win one game at home just because their role players play so much better at home with the crowd on their side than they do on the road in a hostile environment. I have the series going like it did last year with the Warriors winning all of the games except game 4 which is played in Cleveland.

Finals MVP: Stephen Curry

Curry has never won a Finals MVP in his career before and I think this is the year. He played great last series in the Western Conference Finals and lead the team to a comeback in game 7. He has been playing very aggressive these past few games and looks like he has finally found his rhythm. The only problem is the way that Cleveland guards Steph has prevented him in the past from being able to put up big numbers. They usually send double teams at him and try to get the ball out of his hands which is a big reason why he doesn’t have a Finals MVP yet. It may turn out to be Kevin Durant once again but I think Steph has a shot with the way he has been playing lately.


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