NBA Finals predictions

The NBA Finals are officially set and for the 4th straight year it is the Warriors and the Cavs. The Cavs and Warriors both came back from 3-2 deficits in their respective conference finals. Lebron James is on a mission leading his team by himself and the Warriors are just a juggernaut with their 4 all stars dominating the West.

Predictions for the finals: Warriors in 5

The Warriors just seem like to much for the Cavs and Lebron will not be enough. Another tough thing for the Cavs is that Kevin Love is still in concussion protocol and he’s easily been the second best player on the Cavs this season. The second best team in the league this year was the Rockets and they seemed like the only team that could compete with the Warriors and they were one half away and one injured star away from making the finals. This will most likely be the worst finals out of the four years because this is the strongest the Warrior have been and the worst the Cavs have been. I do believe the Cavs can take one game at home like they did last year but that’s about it.

Star Power:

The Warriors totally outmatch the Cavs in stars as they gave Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. The Cavs have Lebron James and Kevin Love who isn’t 100%. The Warriors also winning the coaching battle with Kerr and Lue and the bench battle. If the Cavs win this finals Lebron could accomplish one of the most difficult finals paths of all time but it just seems like an impossible task.


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