NBA Power Rankings 30-26: Post-OffSeason

Many teams improved drastically from the offseason, while some regressed heavily. For the next few days, a set of NBA power rankings will be released and an analyzation of their offseason and position for the season. Here are the power rankings from last to 26:

30. Sacramento Kings

The Kings have a very bright future ahead of them but are ranked last in terms of talent compared to other teams. The Kings took the consensus pick and chose Marvin Bagley with the 2nd pick. Adding to their young talent including the young backcourt in Buddy Hield and De’aaron Fox, the Kings are in a good position. However, the reasons as to why they are ranked last in the NBA is they don’t own a first-round pick, which means they have no reason to tank for, and will have to compete in a loaded conference. Despite these two cons, the Kings are looking past the present and into the future to contend for a championship. 

29. Orlando Magic

The Magic are in a similar spot like the Kings, as they have a lot of young pieces, such as Mohamed Bamba, picked this year with the 6th pick overall,  Jonathan Isaac, drafted last year, and Aaron Gordon, who resigned with the Magic. While it may seem like a vast overpay for Gordon, he does have great athleticism and can look to build more to his skill set. The only two differences between the Kings and Magic is that the Magic are playing in an easier conference and have their own first-round pick, as they can look to play this season out and retain a high pick, once again.

28. Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks took the bold direction, trading Trae Young and a protected first round pick for Luka Doncic, fortifying their backcourt for the future in Doncic and Dennis Smith Jr. Dirk Nowitzki is also returning for his 21st season, breaking an NBA record, previously held by Kobe Bryant, as he will look to mentor the youngsters on the team. Rick Carlisle, the head coach, has always stressed that the team will always try to compete, despite the lack of talent. The Mavericks will be returning with basically the same team and will look to improve from last year.

27. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks are in the same position as the three previous teams mentioned. Their bright future is comprised of Trae Young, John Collins, Taurean Prince, and Kevin Huerter, along with the newly hired head coach in Lloyd Pierce, who previously was the assistant head coach for the Philadelphia 76ers. The Hawks also have the Mavericks’ first-round pick, provided it isn’t top 5, as they could have multiple picks in the lottery next year. The Hawks also signed Vince Carter to help teach the young players. Although Trae Young struggled in the Summer League, he wasn’t completely awful and did have some good plays. The Hawks will be a team that will most likely play the season out.  

26. Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns are one of the teams in an intriguing situation. They had a stellar offseason, signing Trevor Ariza and drafting DeAndre Ayton with the number 1 pick. The Suns have a better youth movement than most teams in the NBA, led by Devin Booker, Marquese Chriss, Mikal Bridges (who the Suns traded for in the draft), and Josh Jackson. This squad is the definition of the “sky being the limit” team. The Suns could either go all in and make a run for the playoffs or can just sit tight, grabbing another lottery draft talent next year. Either way, the Suns don’t lose.

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