NBA Thanksgiving: What Are You Thankful For?


Thanksgiving, and the holiday season, is upon us. It’s that wonderful time of year where we get to stuff our faces with food, spend time with loved ones, and buy items at a significantly reduced price. What’s not to love?  So, let’s take a look at some of the people/things around the NBA that we all should be thankful for.

Kyrie’s sick handles.

The guy is insane, and is one of the best ball handlers I have every seen. And to cap it all off, his team is playing fantastic right now. Kyrie embarrasses defenders on a daily basis, and if you say he hasn’t schooled someone on your favorite team, you are flat-out lying. He makes a fool out of nearly everyone that guards him. He is so much fun to watch, and you can’t take your eyes off him while he has the ball.


Steph Curry’s range.

Curry has changed the NBA. His ability to pull up and hit a shot from nearly anywhere inside the half-court line is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. He can shoot the ball from 5 feet behind the 3 point line with a guy hanging off of his shooting arm, and the opposing team will still be afraid that the ball will go in. Dude is crazy.


The athleticism.

In my opinion, athleticism in the NBA is at an all time high. You have guys like Ben Simmons, Giannis, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook that can seemingly create space for a shot out of nothing or find an open teammate through a non-existent passing lane. These guys put on a show, night in and night out, and I thought it would be unfair to choose just one.

LeBron James.

Whether you like him or not, his ability is undeniable. LeBron is one of the greatest ever to do it, and he is still the best player on the planet. He wills his team to wins, he is stronger and smarter than everyone else on the court, and he is so much fun to watch. Appreciate him while you still can.


Joel Embiid.

JoJo is the best character we have in the NBA right now, and he is one of the best of all time. He talks trash non-stop, both in person and on the internet, but he can also back it up. If he can stay healthy, it’s pretty easy to see him winning an MVP in the near future. There are few people more universally loved than Joel Embiid. It’s great to have a person like him in the league.

Not gonna post a video for JoJo, just a link to his twitter in case you’ve been living under a rock. 

Gang Sign John Wall.

This one is personal for me, as Wall is my favorite player (side note: I’m a very biased Wizards fan), so I had to put it on the list. Wall is incredibly fast, athletic, and a fantastic passer. He is a joy to watch (when he isn’t shooting terribly), but he has never been more fun than after his game winner in game 6 against the Celtics in the 2017 playoffs when he jumped onto the scorers table to celebrate with the crowd. I am so thankful for John Wall.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Now can we please move on to Friday so we can watch some NBA? Thanks.

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