NCAA Top 10 Power Rankings-Week 4

A new week and some changes.  Maybe not at the top, but we have some changes.  My question is, will anybody else crack the top 4 right now as I feel there is a major gap between 4 and maybe now 5 with Oklahoma.  Time will tell and things will get very interesting next week with two games in the top 10 from all likelihoods (Ohio State/Penn State and Stanford/Notre Dame.  So let’s see where everybody is at.

(1) ALABAMA (Last week: 1-No Change):  The Tide took care of business agianst Texas A&M, but had some issues on defense notably (missing tackles, blown coverages, etc.).  While it was 45-13 at one point, there wasn’t a vibe that Bama was in full control of the game.  But still, not bad to win by 22 and not be “in control.”  And it is settled that only Jalen Hurts gets in on “garbage time.”  Sorry Jalen fans.

(2) GEORGIA (Last week: 2-No Change): Georgia themselves had a test against a good Missouri offense and didn’t disappoint.  They really frustrated Drew Lock and got some big plays in the passing game.  Some Georgia fans however have concerns on certain things of both sides of the ball.  But hey, a 14 point win over Missouri in Columbia on a noon kickoff, not too bad.

(3) OHIO STATE (Last week: 3-No Change): Buckeyes defeated Tulane 49-6.  That won’t necessarily jump you ahead of Georgia, Buckeyes fans.  We’ll see how things shape up next Saturday in Happy Valley.

(4) CLEMSON (Last week: 4-No Change): 49-21 over Georgia Tech.  Again, didn’t see the game, but it looked like it was over early.  At this point, beating Georgia Tech may be the equivalent of beating Tulane.

(5) OKLAHOMA (Last week: 5-No Change): Survived a major scare against Army.  I’m lenient on this one given the ones right behind the Sooners didn’t fare much better and I’m still looking at it from the broad scope.  But they are a nice distance away from the top 4 and closer to the #6 team.

(6) STANFORD: (Last week: 9-Up 3):  The Cardinal came back from a 24-7 deficit to win in dramatic fashion in a tough road game at Oregon.  They won.  Key thing to take out of it.  And against a top 20 team at that.  Now they get a top 10 team in Notre Dame.

(7) NOTRE DAME: (Last week: unranked): Notre Dame finally got that exclamation mark win at Wake Forest.  Of course, two trains of thought can happen here.  First the Irish can get too complacent against Stanford next week and make mistake after mistake or the second is the Irish pick up momentum from Ian Book and continue rolling and maybe sneak in to the top 5.

(8) LSU (Last week: 7-Down 1):  The Tigers got off to a blistering start against Louisiana Tech, but then inexplicably found themselves only up 24-21 in the 2nd half before winning 38-21.  IF the Tigers are to take down Georgia and Alabama, they cannot afford hiccups like that.

(9) WASHINGTON (Last week: 9-Up 1):  The Huskies may win ugly, but they are winning.  Keep lying in the weeds and at some point when the strike, it may be a tough problem for teams.  But Jake Browning HAS to be more consistent if the Huskies are to go anywhere.

(10) PENN STATE (Last week: unranked):  At one point the Nittany Lions were down 24-21 to Illinois in the 2nd half.  I get they won 62-24, but it doesn’t seem as impressive.  We’ll see how the Nittany Lions do against Ohio State next Saturday.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: West Virginia, Auburn, Michigan, UCF, Kentucky

-Fan in the Obstructed Seat




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