New York Giants Fantasy Preview

2018 Projections

Note: all points are calculated with PPR scoring
Team Reception Breakdown

Eli Manning: 235.9 total, 14.7 ppg (335/550 passing, 4070 yards, 27 TD, 15 INT; 31 yards rushing, 0 TD, 4 fumbles lost)
Talented new RB Saquon Barkley should take a ton of pressure off Manning, so expect better numbers on fewer attempts. The new offensive scheme seems better suited to Manning’s skillset as well, and healthy receivers don’t hurt. Still, Manning is turnover-prone and slow. In an era of dual-threat QB’s, Manning is a pretty low tier QB for fantasy purposes.

Saquon Barkley: 297.6 total, 18.6 ppg (325 carries, 1430 yards, 10 TD, 1 fumble lost; 45 Rec, 396 yards, 2 TD)
Wayne Gallman: 93.7 total, 5.9 ppg (100 carries, 440 yards, 0 TD, 1 fumble lost; 25 Rec; 207 yards, 1 TD)
While the offensive line won’t be great, it should be better than the dumpster fire last year. With the improved blocking and presumed heavy usage, Barkley should come out swinging as one of the elite running backs right away. There won’t be much other value in this backfield, but I suspect that whatever scraps are left will be picked up by Gallman rather than an old, broken-down Jonathan Stewart.

Odell Beckham Jr.: 292.6 total, 18.3 ppg (95 Rec, 1396 yards, 10 TD, 1 fumble lost)
Sterling Shepard: 136.2 total, 8.5 ppg (55 Rec, 632 yards, 3 TD, 0 fumbles lost)
Lower volume from Manning means slightly lower volume for OBJ and Shepard than we’re used to. However, seeing as how there isn’t much else in the way of receiving threats on this team, the duo should dominate the receiver targets. Shepard will fall back to being a matchup-based flex now that he is no more than the #4 option in the passing game, but OBJ should remain as an elite fantasy asset.

Evan Engram: 199.9 total, 12.5 ppg (70 Rec, 819 yards, 8 TD, 0 fumbles lost)
Engram led the team last year in catches, mostly due to attrition. Don’t expect that to happen again with a healthy OBJ, but as the most talented big target on the roster Engram should continue to improve his numbers with experience. He should be counted among the elite tight ends in fantasy.

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