NFL All-Time Team: 2017 Edition

There has been a lot of buzz about the “GOAT” of football recently. Is it Tom Brady? Is it LT? Well I’ve decided to compose an NFL All-Time team, including some of the biggest names the sport has ever seen. These are the top players at each position throughout the NFL/AFL’s long history. 26 players have been included in the list. 

QB: Tom Brady, NE 2000-Present

RB: Barry Sanders, DET 1989-1998

RB: Walter Payton, CHI 1975-1987

WR: Jerry Rice, SF 1985-2000 OAK 2001-2004 SEA 2004

WR: Randy Moss, MIN 1998-2004, 2010 OAK 2005-2006 NE 2007-2010 TEN 2010 SF 2012

TE: Tony Gonzalez, KC 1997-2008 ATL 2009-2013

T: Joe Thomas, CLE 2007-present

G: Jerry Kramer, GB 1958-1968

C: Jim Otto, OAK 1960-1974

G: Steve Hutchinson, SEA 2001-2005 MIN 2006-2011 TEN 2012

T: Jonathan Ogden, BAL 1996-2007


DE: Bruce Smith, BUF 1985-1999 WAS 2000-2003

DT: Vince Wilfork, NE 2004-2013 HOU 2015-2016

DT: Joe Greene, PIT 1969-1981

DE: Reggie White, PHI 1985-1992 GB 1993-1998 CAR 2000

OLB: Lawrence Taylor, NYG 1981-1993

MLB: Jack Lambert, PIT 1974-1984

MLB: Ray Lewis, BAL 1996-2012

OLB: Dick Butkus, CHI 1965-1973

CB: Deion Sanders, ATL 1989-1993 SF 1994 DAL 1995-1999 WAS 2000 BAL 2004-2005

S: Ed Reed, BAL 2002-2012 HOU/NYJ 2013

S: Ronnie Lott, SF 1981-1990 OAK 1991-1992 NYJ 1993-1994

CB: Night Train Lane, LA 1952-1953 CHI Cardinals 1954-1959 DET 1960-1965


K: Adam Vinatieri, NE 1996-2005 IND 2006-Present

P: Ray Guy, OAK 1973-1981 LA 1982-1986

Return: Devin Hester, CHI 2006-2013 ATL 2014-2015 BAL 2016


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