NFL Crystal Ball: Where Five Players will be in Five Years.

What if you could look into a player’s career five years from now? Take a look into the NFL crystal ball if you will. Today we begin on that journey, we will veer into unknown worlds of football mystery, to decipher the future of the NFL and it’s top young players. So we begin.

The All Star
While Zeke Elliot fights a court room battle and Lev Bell fights injury David Johnson becomes the backfield face of the NFL. In his 2017 season he rushes for 1,670 yards and has a thousand yards through the air as well. The following year is however even more prosperous for a back just getting started in dominating the leauge.  Johnson has his first 2k year in 2018 and nearly leads the Cardinals into the Super Bowl. In 2019 Johnson comes back with vengeance running for another 2k. Also scoring 22 rushing touchdowns in one season. Johnson then shocks the world and with backup Blaine Gabbert drags the Cardinals to the Super Bowl only to be vanquished. Johnson runs for 1,800 yards in 2020 and in 2021 wins MVP for the third time in a five-year span.
Stats and accomplishments after five years
Rushing: 9,220 yards, 50 touch downs, 3 MVP’S

The Rising Star

Jameis Winston begins his 2017 season with a disappointing 4-4 start. An eight game MVP like run however, puts the Buc’s to 12-4 and wins the division. The playoffs are heart-break though, as the Cowboys vanquish the Bucs in the first round. In 2018 Winston runs the race and keeps the pace. Putting up points and dominating, the Bucs go 14-2 and famous Jameis throws 45 touchdowns. The Cold truths of January strike again though, when Winston loses to Dallas again in the Conference title game. The next year is cold to Jameis, an injury sidelines him for 10 games of the season. Fortune favors the resilient though in the NFL. Winston and company pound their way to the Conference finals only to lose to the Cards. With the world watching Winston, and scrutiny on his career rising he needs a big year, he gets it. An MVP, 48 touchdown ,season in 2020 and a Superbowl, finally. 2021 is a mid tier year and the Bucs miss the playoffs.
Stats and Accomplishments after five years
171 touchdowns, 30 thousand yards, an MVP, and a Super Bowl ring.

The quiet one

Deshone Kizer takes over for the Browns in week three of the 2017 season. He leads the Browns to their best record in years, 10-6, just shy of a playoff spot, and wins rookie of the year. In 2018 Kizer only improves, to take Cleveland to 12-4 and their first playoff berth in years. It is only sorrow though, as it has been for years in Cleveland, as they lose in their first game. In 2019 Kizer is traded to the Los Angeles Rams for the first pick in the draft. Kizer struggles in LA in 19 but in 20 he takes the Rams to the playoffs. They are vanquished early though in the divisional round by the eventual champs Tampa Bay. 2021 spells the end of Kizer’s time in LA after he is let go in free agency after a disappointing 5-11 season. Such is life in the NFL.
Stats and Accomplishments after five years
Rookie of the year, first Browns playoff berth in ages, 56 touchdowns, 25000 yards.

Finally, the Chosen one

Derek Carr has a phenomenal season in 2017 only to be vanquished by the mighty Patriots. In 2018 however Carr leads the Raiders to the Super Bowl and beats the Cowboys to win the Lombardi. Carr in 2019 finds only more success winning the MVP and tossing 54 touchdowns. The Raiders easily roll into the Super Bowl and go back to back against a David Johnson led Cards team. 2020 is a year of disappointment and the Raiders suffer an Embarrassing playoff loss. 2021 Provides better for car who throws 42 touchdowns but the Raiders now in Vegas still lose big.
Stats and awards after five years
Two Super Bowls, Two MVP awards, 249 touchdowns.


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