NFL Power Rankings: Four Games Into The Season Where Does Your Team Stand?

Here we are! Week four and one of my favorite times of year. The first power rankings of the year. Well, we had some pre-season ones but now we’re in the throws of the season and have enough material to make some concrete judgements. Power rankings aren’t based on rankings remember that. It’s based, for me at least, on a 0-20 score based on how a team’s offense and defense have played. Plus, what my eye sees on game pass. Finally, a gut score I give based on 1-5 added up and it gives me a nice score to structure these rankings. Enjoy! Side text is the score each team got.
1. Los Angeles Rams 19
2. Kansas City 15
3. Cincinnati 17.5
4. Baltimore 16
5. Chicago 14.5

Jared Goff
The Rams are the easiest number one team pick of all time. They are built to drop fifty points a week. You can’t out score this team and the defense, although they have allowed a lot of points, has been absoloutely dominant this year. The Chiefs sit at two simply because after Mahomes performance in Denver I was physically screaming at my TV. Who is this kid? He’s the next Russell Wilson that’s who he is and I am all in on the Patrick Mahomes experience. Don’t get my Bengals take misconstrued. I don’t think this team can win a Super Bowl, however they have no doubt been easily the most balanced team in the NFL this year. Andy Dalton is having one of his elite Andy Dalton seasons. These are based on the regular season and the Bengals are right now a top three regular season team. Then you get the Ravens whose offense looks tremendous and who have survived without there shut down all pro corner Jimmy Smith who they get back next week. Bears fans will dislike where I have there team, I love the defense they got a five, but I need to see this offense preform consistently the way they played against the Buccaneers for at least two weeks before I move this team up.
6. Washington 15
7. New Orleans 14
8. Green Bay 15
9. Jacksonville 15
10. Tennesee 13.5

Washington hasn’t played a bad game this year. They have an insanely talented running backs group a great receiving core and most surprisingly the defense is awesome. New Orleans had a rough week one but they look like the team everyone expected them to be and now they get Ingram back. Green Bay’s defense is not as bad as everyone says. I think the corners have played really well every week. They don’t have a pass rush though, Aaron Rodgers playing with a knee injury looks like normal Aaron Rodgers to me. The Packers are being slept on in my opinion. I would put the Jags higher but they aren’t consistent. Some weeks they look Super Bowl ready others they lose to the Titans 9-6. Speaking of the Titans. The offense is finding it’s legs and the defense has been top five statistically this year. They are also the best coached team in the league, in that the coaching staff is elevating the low talent level on this team to the top ten.
11. Philadelphia 14
12. Seattle 13.5
13. Minnesota 13
14. Atlanta 12.5
15. New England 12


kirk cousins min 2
Eagles fans don’t need to freak out. Carson Wentz looks like the guy he was last season, he had a great game against the Titans. Seattle is finding ways to win but the loss of Earl Thomas might topple what has been a great defense thus far. Minnesota went from Super Bowl favorites to a team who looks like they’re playing for there collective playoff lives very quickly. The defense has let this team down, the offense looks great though. Atlanta has no defense, but I would argue a top five NFL offense easily. Matt Ryan is quietly having an MVP type start to the season. The Patriots have major problems. I’m not buying there fixed because they beat a meh Dolphins team.
16. Carolina 13
17. Cleveland 13
18. Indianapolis 13.5
19. Houston 13.5
20. Detroit 12.5

Carolina is probably being undersold by me. That’s driven by the fact they’ve only played three games and looked drastically different in every single one of them. They have no identity. The Browns get probably the highest ranking I have ever given them. They could easily be 4-0, 0-4, or 0-0-4 as NFL.coms Gregg Rosenthal pointed out in one of his latest columns. I would tend to agree with that. The Browns are fun to watch though and that is something to be grateful for. Indy and Houston rank this high because I think they deserve it. The Texans have been doomed by the O line, yet Deshaun Watson is still putting up good numbers and JJ Watt is back. Throw out this trash take that Andrew Luck is somehow done, he’s the same old Andrew Luck and this Colts defense is somehow an asset to the team. Detroit is entirely disappointing each week because the offense is so fun to watch but they wont win to many teams with the style of defense they play.
21. Chargers 12
22. Denver 11
23. Pittsburgh 11.5
24. Miami 10
25. San Francisco 10


Casey heyward
The Chargers and Broncos are two teams that are going to give you an exciting game every week but I’m not to sure either of these teams are actually good. Pittsburgh is bad. They have no defense, and Ben is a liability to this team stop pointing at yardage and acknowledge the fact he only has 8 touchdowns and has throw five interceptions. Blake Bortles has better numbers! Miami is a blah operation and the Niners sit at 25 because I can’t judge this new look CJ Beathard team yet. He looks pretty good.
26. Tampa Bay 9.5
27. Arizona 10.5
28. New York Giants 8.5
29. Dallas 9
30. Oakland 8
31. New York Jets 6.5
32. Buffalo 7.5

Josh Allen bills
Tampa Bay gave us Fitzmagic and now they have taken it away. Without him, this team is very bad. The defense has been awful, if the offense now becomes awful obviously that is a bad sign. The Cardinals are a team that are way better than there 0-4 record. That being said they still aren’t great but show a lot of promise. The Giants are a weird team, doomed by an O line and a QB who has zero mobility and declining arm strength. Dallas is worse though. The Bills are an easy last place team. No offensive line no wide outs no running game. Josh Allen is being doomed right before our very eyes.
We will see you week eight.


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