NFL Power Rankings, Preseason Edition

With the Preseason just days away we bring you our first power rankings of the year. These rankings are based on the team’s performance last year combined with offseason additions and player progression. If you disagree with any of these teams hit me up on twitter @Eric18utah and we can hash it out there. Without further ado:
The Top 5
1. Patriots
2. Steelers
3. Packers
4. Cowboys
5. Falcons
These teams are contenders, minus maybe the Cowboys if they lose Elliott to suspension. The Falcons fall to five only because Shannahan left for the Niners.
Next Top 5
6. Raiders
7. Seahawks
8. Chiefs
9. Giants
10. Washington
Washington has a lot of potential, Kirk Cousins is going to blow up this season.
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11. Buccaneers
12. Titans
13. Cardinals
14. Panthers
15. Lions
The Buccaneers added a bunch of talent on offense this year. The Titans are in the same boat adding Eric Decker and Corey Davis made this team exponentially better. The Cardinals are a team I see bouncing back big this year. I think Carson Palmer is due to have a big year.
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16. Broncos
17. Chargers
18. Bengals
19. Texans
20. Vikings
The Chargers are the one team in this group I regret not ranking higher. Though they have some looming injuries this offense could still be sneaky explosive in 2017. Pair that with a stout defense and you have a team that could challenge for a playoff position.
Next 5
21. Saints
22. Eagles
23. Bills
24. Dolphins
25. Colts
The Eagles have some potential to surprise but Carson Wentz has a lot of work to do. Even if the Dolphins had Tannehill I think I would have put them in this range. They just didn’t do enough in the off season to impress me. The Colts Only Rank this low because of the potential Andrew Luck missing regular season time scenario.

Final 6
26. Ravens
27. Jaguars
28. Browns
29. Niners
30. Rams
31. Bears
32. Jets
The Rams are too low in my opinion in most power rankings. I am excited to see what they do with Sean Mcvay. The other thing is that teams 28-30 all have bright futures. The Browns are building the right way, the Niners won draft day in many opinions and the Rams are young and exciting. The Jets and Bears are the only team on this list that has just 0 hope for 2017.

For the full list uninterrupted

1 Patriots
2 Steelers
3 Packers
4 Cowboys
5 Falcons
6 Raiders
7 Seahawks
8 Chiefs
9 Giants
10 Washington
11 Buccaneers
12 Titans
13 Cardinals
14 Panthers
15 Lions
16 Broncos
17 Chargers
18 Bengals
19 Texans
20 Vikings
21 Saints
22 Eagles
23 Bills
24 Dolphins
25 Colts
26 Ravens
27 Jaguars
28 Browns
28 Niners
30 Rams
31 Bears
32 Jets


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