NFL PSF Wild Card Pickem

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Welcome to Pro Sports Fandoms playoff pickem. A constant struggle of power to rise to the top. The highest of drama our pickem all year has led to this shining moment. Based on their regular season standings our brave 12 were seeded one to six in two conferences, NFL style. The analysts and the Satirists. Now they will battle for the title, of NFL GENIUS AND ALL GLORIOUS PIGSKIN AMBASSADOR. A massive honor, let’s set the table.

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The one seeds
Jon Butler: 174-82 @Dadsox on twitter. Jon enjoys the finer things in life, like sleep, notoriously known to have a bed time of about 8:30 at night. Will all the beauty sleep help him on his quest for the championship?

Chris Chastain: 173-83 @ChrisPSF on twitter. Chris always likes to play it safe. He doesn’t like to take risk when it comes to picking football games and making takes. Famously stubborn, a born line stepper and constant source of resistance. If you have a take, likeliness is that Chris disagrees with you. Will playing it safe take Chris to the pinnacle of success or sink him?

The two seeds
Eric Jensen 169-87 @Eric18utah on twitter. Written by Ian Cusick. Eric Jensen is a writer from the great state of Utah, where the only professional sports team is a basketball team that has been borderline insignificant for the better half of 3 decades. His biggest claim to fame is his good hair season from November to January which he will always document via his daily snap chat streaks. He is a fan of the Denver Broncos and yet has a strange obsession with the Los Angeles Charger. Certainly the biggest trash talker of the group (though he would use a different word) will the hairsome devil get a shot at the title. Although it’s more likely he hypes himself up, loses, and goes on a late-night twitter rampage.

Tristan Beckmann 166-90 @TBeckmannPSF on twitter. Tristan is the strong silent type. Though his mock drafts can be misguided he is overall a bright young man. He should be considered a contender in this contest I would call him the dark horse. He’s feisty.
The three seeds

Dustin Beard 165-91 @Dbeard13 on twitter. A somewhat mysterious figure in our group chat. He makes houses or something for a living and loves the North Carolina Tar Heels, that’s really all we know. He rarely speaks but is insanely loyal and a personal favorite. Wil this be enough for him to fight through all other competitors to grab the greatest honor of his life?

Ian Cusick 160-96 @ianmcusick: Our resident masshole. Ian should honestly be labeled with a trigger warning. If you’re a snowflake I don’t think you can handle his raw takes, and frankly would recommend you not follow him on twitter. Ian is the least tolerable Patriot fan I think I have ever met. His team wins, can he?

The four seeds
Kyle Richardson 160-96 @krich1532 on twitter. Kyle considers himself a “professional” whatever that means. Listen the guy means well but honestly takes himself way to seriously. Listen for a guy who takes himself this seriously he had a really bad year standings wise. Hey, it’s the playoffs though anything can happen.

Jackson Gilbride 155-91 @Jgilbride on twitter. Honestly, he never really talks to us. I’m just glad he sent in analysis. Overall good guy, I think.
The five seeds

Heath Kyser 149-107 @HeathKyser on twitter. For a guy who doesn’t follow the NFL, unless it’s the Saints, his record is pretty good. He’s a Bama fan so that’s a definite minus and also old another minus. He’s the curmudgeony old sports writer of the group. Yet he still carries on, he is the true underdog and once owned a restaurant. Can he cook his way into a playoff run?

Patrick Norton 143-113 @Pdnorton on twitter. We are all pretty convinced Patrick is the only one of us with a life. He rarely talks to us or is on twitter, that tells you he’s an actual person. All you need to know is he’s the golden voice from Kansas and I wouldn’t be shocked if he picked the bears in the Playoffs even though they aren’t even in it.

The six seeds

Brian Willis NA @RealBrianWillis on twitter. Brian joined mid-season and so did our other six seed so six seeds they remain. Although by no means does that mean they are not a threat, I would honestly consider Brian a favorite. It’s hard to roast Brian he’s just so nice. He’s the dad of the group, that said he plays volleyball barely a sport. Is a long suffering Packers fan and is a total ingrate when it comes to his teams sports luck. He can spell better than anyone in the group, but his takes are about as strong as Brock Osweilers arm, as to say weak.

Jordan Foote @bestfootefwd on twitter. Dope twitter handle bro, is it gonna win you titles?

Now the Picks
3 seed Dustin Beard vs 6 seed Brian Willis
Titans at Chiefs
Brian: Chiefs 30 , Titans 17 Dustin: Chiefs 27 Titans 20
Bills at Jaguars
Brian: Jaguars 31 , Bills 13 Dustin: Jaguars 28 Bills 17
Falcons at Rams
Brian: Rams 41 Falcons 35 Dustin: Falcons 37 Rams 31
Panthers at Saints
Brian: Saints 34 , Panthers 30 Dustin: Saints 35 Panthers 28

4 seed Kyle vs 5 seed Heath
Titans at Chiefs
Kyle: Chiefs 31, Titans 13 Heath: Chiefs 28 Titans 17
Bills at Jaguars
Kyle: Jaguars 17, Bills 6 Heath: Jaguars 28 Bills 10
Falcons at Rams
Kyle: Rams 31, Falcons 14 Heath: Rams 31 Falcons 30
Panthers at Saints
Kyle: Saints 27, Panthers 21 Heath: Saints 31 Panthers 17

Two seed Eric Jensen’s picks in no particular order.
Chiefs 37 Titans 27
Falcons 38 Rams 35
Bills 23 Jaguars 20
Saints 35 Panthers 17

One seed Jon Butlers Picks in no particular order.
Chiefs 37 Titans 27
Falcons 38 Rams 35
Bills 23 Jaguars 20
Saints 35 Panthers 17

3 seed Ian vs 6 seed Jordan
Titans at Chiefs
Ian: Chiefs 23 Titans 16 Jordan: Chiefs 30, Titans 17
Bills at Jaguars
Ian: Jaguars 31 Bills 7 Jordan: Bills 24, Jaguars 21
Falcons at Rams
Ian: Rams 33 Falcons 21 Jordan: Rams 28, Falcons 27
Panthers at Saints
Ian: Saints 27 Panthers 24 Jordan: Saints 31, Panthers 28

4 seed Jackson Gilbride vs 5 seed Patrick Norton
Titans at Chiefs
Jackson: Chiefs 28, Titans 17 Patrick: Chiefs 24, Titans 6
Bills at Jaguars
Jackson: Bills 21, Jaguars 20 Patrick: Jaguars 27 Bills 14
Falcons at Rams
Jackson: Rams 35, Falcons 27 Patrick: Rams 52, Falcons 38
Panthers at Saints
Jackson: Saints 42, Panthers 31 Patrick: Saints 31, Panthers 11

2 seed Tristan Beckmann
Titans 35, Chiefs 30.
Rams 31, Falcons 24.
Jaguars 20, Bills 10.
Saints 34, Panthers 31.

1 seed Chris Chastain
Chiefs 24, Titans 14
Rams 27, Falcons 23
Jaguars 23, Bills 16
Saints 30, Panthers 15


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