NHL Power Rankings Before the End of the All Star Break.

1. Tampa Bay
2. Las Vegas
3. Boston
4. Nashville
5. Saint Louis

Tampa has no weaknesses. A super-fast top 9 forwards line and a great defensive core, pair that with a Viezna trophy candidate in Andrei Vasilevskiy and you have a bona fide contender. Vegas is the most surprising team in the league, hands down. Contending for the president’s trophy with a roster full of players the rest of the NHL didn’t want. One mans trash is another mans president’s trophy contender. Boston has bounced back big off of big years from Patrice Bergeron Brad Marchand, and David Pasternak. Nashville is one of the most consistent teams in the NHL, the recipe is the same as last year great goaltending and offense from the back line. Along with gritty players like Victor Ardvisson getting to the front of the net. Saint Louis continues to impress despite the loss of Jake Allen, turns out Carter Hutton is just as good. Look for this team to surge.
6. Washington
7. Winnipeg
8. Toronto
9. Dallas
10. Calgary

dougie hamilton.jpg
The Capitals aren’t having the amazing regular season they always have but maybe that’s a good thing. This team is balanced and looks like its built for the long haul. However, nothing matters until the playoffs for the Caps. Winnipeg is a team with extremely fast talent up top and a young Goalie in Connor Hellebuyck if you want a young team on the rise jump on Winnipeg. Toronto has struggled a bit in recent weeks but has bounced back as of late. A young fast team that is learning as they fight for a playoff spot.
11. Colorado
12. San Jose
13. New Jersey
14. Pittsburgh
15. Los Angeles

Colorado is the hottest team in the NHL. San Jose has played well and New Jersey is the fastest team in the league. Pittsburgh has struggled through the grind of the season but still have the stuff to make big moves in the second half of the season.
16. Minnesota
17. Anaheim
18. Philadelphia
19. Columbus
20. NYI

21. NYR
22. Carolina
23. Chicago
24. Edmonton
25. Detroit
26. Montreal
27. Florida
28. Vancouver
29. Buffalo
30. Arizona
31. Ottawa


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