NHL Power Rankings: Vegas Back In The Top 5.

1. Nashville
2. Tampa Bay
3. Winnipeg
4. Boston
5. Vegas
Nashville continues to be the best team in the leauge. Tampa has a few slight Achilles heels. For instance, defensive depth isn’t what it could be for this team. That doesn’t make them any less of a contender though. Winnipeg and Boston are still smoking hot but won’t catch their perspective division leaders. Neither team can let up though as the Leaf’s and Wild are hot on their tails. After a short rough patch Vegas is back up and about. 6-4 in there last ten days.

6. San Jose
7. Washington
8. Toronto
9. Colorado
10. Minnesota

San Jose continues to quietly look like a true Stanley Cup contender. Washington has gotten hot late and let me tell you, I know we say this every year but this might be the Caps year. They just don’t have the buzz they normally do and I feel like they can make a deep playoff run. Colorado has been incredibly hot and Nathan Mackinnon looks like the league’s MVP and the Aves feel like a sleeper playoff team that could knock off the Golden Knights and go on a run.

11. Columbus
12. Florida
13. Pittsburgh
14. Los Angeles
15. Anaheim
Columbus and Florida are suddenly two very hot eastern conference teams battling for a wild card spot. Pittsburgh is up and down and Los Angeles is points away from falling out of a playoff spot while the red hot Ducks sit right behind them.

16. Philadelphia
17. New Jersey
18. Saint Louis
19. Calgary
20. Dallas
21. New York Rangers
22. New York Islanders
23. Carolina
24. Arizona
25. Edmonton
26. Chicago
27. Buffalo
28. Ottawa
29. Montreal
30. Vancouver
31. Detroit



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