No More “Participation” Trophies?

On Saturday in a meeting wth a group of youth baseball players, Bryce Harper tells the athletes “as much as they might tell you, oh it’s ok you guys lost, but no Johnny, NO. No participation trophies, OK? First place only.” Harper really speaks from the heart. Currently 24 years old Harper is already a 4 time all star and a past winner of the National League Most Valuable Player Award.


Harper is currently making yet another run for NL MVP as he leads the Nationals team this season. Harper is batting .337 with 15 Home-Runs and 41 RBI’s. I do not think his statement is too much to handle. Harper is simply teaching the kids how to be successful just like Harper has done for himself. This statement has caused a bit of controversy but I stand with Harper, nothing wrong with having a passion for winning.



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