No USMNT in the world cup? No problem. 5 teams you should cheer for 

With such a disappointing qualifier in 2017, the United States Men National Team was left out of the 2018 World cup in Russia this summer. The timing for this couldn’t have been worse, at a moment when soccer is growing in popularity in the United States. With that being said, who should you cheer for this summer? The favorites? The underdogs? Let’s take a look
1. Egypt

The Pharaoh’s. Just the name makes you want to cheer for them. This team gave a little of a surprise with qualifying for the games this summer. Pretty much, Egypt has star player Mohamed Salah (pictured above) who plays in Europe and then they have 10 other guys. This team is more than an underdog, they aren’t even expected to win a game. But when they do, it’s gonna be that much sweeter. 
2. Nigeria

The best team in Africa. This has been Nigeria for the last couple of years. This team is dangerous, with having some upset wins in world stages before. They can break some brackets this summer. Did I mention this team is fast? I mean fast. This helps for fair weather fans that only watch soccer during the world cup. This might make the game just a bit more interesting for you. And if they score, you don’t wanna miss the celebration

3. Panama

Ok, this one is a hard one. How can we cheer for a team that basically took our spot in the big dance, right? Panama is one of the underdogs to keep a close eye on. In a group with Belgium, Tunisia, and England, don’t be surprised if this team ends up in the round of 16

4. Argentina

People have argued, Messi as one or if not the best player of all time, with names like Cristiano, Maradona, Pelé. But for him to cement his legacy as one of the best to ever play the game, he has one more obstacle to overcome. He has the records, he has the league titles, he has the Ballon de Oro. He just needs the World Cup. Can he do it? Come back in July and I’ll give you the summary 

5. Mexico

Who am I kidding right? American Outlawz cheering for mexico. Impossible


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